Eastern Suns WABL

The Eastern Suns WABL family is always looking for new members who want to take their game to the next level!

For any general WABL queries please contact WABL@sunsbasketball.com.au

The official WABL website where you can find fixtures, results and all up to date information is wabl.asn.au

WABL Clearance forms for players joining the Suns Family from another club can be found here.


Please see the below updates training times as of this coming Thursday 27 Jan.
U12 Boys & Girls – 4-5pm Court 5/6
U14 Girls – 4-5pm Court 1/2
U14 Boys – 4-5pm Court 3/4
U16 Girls – 6-7:30pm Court 1
U16 Boys – 6-7:30pm Court 2-4
U18 Girls – 5-6pm Court 1/2
U18 Boys – 5-6pm Court 3/4
U20’s Men – 7:30-9 Court 4


U12 Boys & Girls – 12-1:30pm Court 5/6
U14 Girls – 12-1:30pm Court 1/2
U14 Boys – 12-1:30pm Court 3/4
U16 Girls -2-3:30pm Court 1
U16 Boys – 2-3:30pm Court 2-3
U18 Girls – 2-3:30pm Court 4
U18 Boys – 2-3:30pm Court 5-6


If you still need to register for the WABL trials, go here: bit.ly/suns-trials-22

2022 WABL Trials

Registrations for 2022 WABL Trials are now open with trials commencing on Sundays & Thursdays later in January.

All U12’s & U14’s will start on Thursday 20 January

U16’s/18’s (boys/girls) and 20’s girls will start on Thursday 27 January

U20 boys trials are Thursday 13 and 20 Jan.


Cost for the trials is $60 per player
Training times and courts will be emailed out and released online leading up to the trials depending on how many courts age groups require.
Register now: bit.ly/suns-trials-22


In 1991 after a period of non affiliation with Basketball WA, it was decided to enter Kalamunda (KDBA) teams as the Kalamunda Hornets in the W.A Junior State League competition. Players previously had to play for Swan Mustangs (SDBA) at the Juniour State League Level in earlier years.

For a number of years Kalamunda and Swans both entered about 9 – 12 of the 14 available divisions and were not hugely successful. Basketball WA sought to fill all divisions and encouraged the amalgamation of Swans and Kalamunda to fill all of the divisions. Mundaring (HRBA) saw this as an opportunity for their players to access this level of competition. Players were polled and success was their focus so the Association of Eastern Region Basketball Association Inc, playing as EASTERN SUNS was formed in 2001.

Inaugural President was Bob Little (HRBA President & Life Member SDBA) and each Association had two representatives. KDBA had one from the Parents and one from the Committee.

Colours were white, ochre, green & gold to represent the Eastern Region. Training was held at Kalamunda for Junior’s and Swans for U/18 and over.  50% of the games were played at Kalamunda Stadium and 50% were played at Swan Park. In the first year 4 teams made finals. Each Association had contributed $5000.00 in cash or in kind (Training Time), to establish Eastern Suns.

HRBA Eastern Suns won the Under 23 Division in 2003. Terry Rolfe was Chairman in 2003 & 2004 and Rob Gordon was Chairman in 2004 & 2005.

ERBA was represented by two persons from each association and initially there was input from all Associations.

However this deteriorated when Swans (SDBA) was in financial difficulty with increasing debt to BWA.

KDBA was in a position to seek a license from the SBL but was unwilling to assume the SDBA debt as part of their license. (In excess of $40,000) Swan City Mustangs SBL and Association ceased to operate.

In 2005 Basketball WA indicated that they would not be happy with the Eastern Suns (ERBA) having SDBA as part of the structure at either WABL or SBL level. They were only prepared to support an affiliated Association as the governing body of the WABL program. In 2005, 10 teams went to WABL finals from ERBA Eastern Suns.