WABL Wrap Week 1 – 21/04/24

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Players of the round:

Harper Dostal  (U12 Girls) – Harper led from the front today, controlling the game with her lock down defence. She recorded 11 steals and also forced several bad passes that her team mates were able to capitalise on. On the offensive end she knew when to attack and when to pass it to a better option. Harper is a high IQ player with a bright future ahead – well done superstar!

Frank Verco (U12 Boys) – Frank Verco: Frank wins our player of the game against his old club, for his effort and hustle the entire game.

U12 Girls Black (Lawrence West)

Won against East Perth Eagles (35 – 18)

Coaches notes

The girls came ready to work today. It was pleasing to see their hard work at training pay off with a well deserved win. Our defence was stifling, holding the Eagles scoreless in the first quarter and limiting them to single digits for the remaining three.

I was particularly impressed with how well we shared the ball, with most of our buckets being set up by a team mate. We have been working on giving up good shots to get great shots and that was certainly on display today.

I would like to see our free throw/field goal percentage come up (they don’t miss when we’re playing bump!), however our rebounding is becoming more reliable so we are getting plenty of opportunities.

It was fantastic to see contributions from our entire team – well done on a great team victory.

Player of the game

Harper Dostal – Harper led from the front today, controlling the game with her lock down defence. She recorded 11 steals and also forced several bad passes that her team mates were able to capitalise on. On the offensive end she knew when to attack and when to pass it to a better option. Harper is a high IQ player with a bright future ahead – well done superstar!

U12 Girls Orange (Lizzie Falconbridge)

Won against Lakeside Lightning (48 – 31)

U12 Girls White (Jemma Gartrell)

Loss against Joondalup Wolves (13 – 70)

U12 Boys Black (Brad Dowd)

Won against Hills Raiders (75 – 31)

Coaches notes

A great start to the season by the team and the boys worked really well together.

They ran the fast break effectively and tried to set up our offence most times down the court, but managed to get a quick scoring opportunity off the first 1st or 2nd pass. As we progress through the season, I would like to see them be more patient and work through the offence, looking to use the pick and roll more. We ran our inbounds plays quite effectively and often got a good scoring opportunity out of that also.

Our defence was pretty good, playing a full court man to man for the entire game resulting in a lot of stops and steals.

An all round team effort with a pretty good scoring spread, with multiple players on or near double figures.

Frank handled the ball well and set up our offence effectively, using his speed to attack the ring and quick hands for steals.

Hunter was a sharp shooter, making 2 three pointers and 2 mid-range jump shots, as well as pulling down a few rebounds.

Henry played well in all areas, working hard in both offence and defence.

Player of the game

Frank wins our player of the game against his old club, for his effort and hustle the entire game.

U12 Boys Orange (Lizzie Falconbridge)

Loss against Perth Redbacks (39 – 45)

Coaches notes

There was some good defence early in the game. We had some great passages of passing too.

Player of the game

Ashton Smith rebounded, passed and defended really well. His shooting under the basket and free throws were off today but he more than made up for it in other parts of the game.

U12 Boys White (Ben Marks)

Loss against Rockingham Flames (36 – 63)

Coaches notes

As a coach, I was extremely proud of the team’s effort in their first game of the season. The boys showed some good composure and were able to run the game plan we asked of them. We certainly didn’t get the luck with some good looks not falling through the net. The first half was a back and forth tussle, but we just couldn’t match their size for large sections of the game which wore us down and was the main difference. The score-line certainly didn’t match the intensity and skill level of both teams which I think was quite evenly matched.

Zane Skelton lead the way with a massive 27 point haul but each player played their part towards the team success. Plenty of positives moving forward so early in the season. It was also great to have some team bonding time at the beach post game for recovery.

Onwards to next week! Boxing out practice this Friday.

Player of the game

Zane Skelton for being the offensive hub and just putting his head down and getting the job done when the team needed him the most.

U12 Boys Blue (Declan Kinsella)

Loss against Warwick Senators (16 – 49)

U14 Girls Black (Bruno Kongawoin)

Won against Hills Raiders (45 – 38)

Coaches notes

It’s been thrilling to witness the budding rivalry developing between our team and the Hill Raiders. After a close loss in the Inaugural Hill Cups last weekend, securing a win in our season opener was a remarkable turnaround.

Despite facing challenges like injuries, illness, and other commitments disrupting our pre-season preparation, our team delivered an outstanding performance. The girls showcased remarkable resilience, overcoming fitness concerns with impeccable execution and teamwork.

Benwech Kuach’s unwavering defensive efforts and on-court leadership have been commendable as always. I believe there’s even more potential for her to explore as the season progresses while developing her individual tactics.

The loss of Abigail Allan to foul trouble during the second quarter was a lapse in match management on my part. However, the team’s collective effort and teamwork compensated for this setback admirably.

With Abigail sidelined, Leach Darroch stepped up remarkably, providing the scoring prowess and rebounding strength we needed to secure the win.

Looking ahead, we recognize that each game presents its own challenges, and we’re gearing up for another tough match next Sunday against the South West Slammers in our upcoming training session.

Player of the game

Neve Spry – Her versatile skills make her a standout player on both ends of the court, and I anticipate even greater contributions from her in the coming weeks.

U14 Girls Orange (Lawrence West)

Loss against Perry Lakes Hawks (27 – 46)

Coaches notes

Today was a tough one, and certainly not the start to our season that we were hoping for. Missed connections on our passes and an inability to secure rebounds severely limited our shot attempts. Full credit to a patient & disciplined Hawks team who took advantage and outscored us in 3 out of 4 quarters.

Our team is resilient, we will learn our lessons from this game and move on. We have high expectations and in the moments where we were connected our potential was clear. I’m excited to see what we can achieve together this season.

Player of the game

Isobel Wood – In a game where every point was hard earned, Bel went to work. She was a vocal leader on defence causing turnovers and on offense she aggressively attacked the basket, being rewarded with free throws on multiple occasions.

U14 Girls White (Rick Anderson)

Won against Warwick Senators (42 – 22)

Coaches notes

The 14 White Girls have arrived and mean business!
From the outset, we took command of our game through a level of energy and effort that overwhelmed the opposition. A team coordinated defensive lockdown limited the opposition to just 5 points in the first half. We set up a wall of help defence that was near impenetrable. At the half we led 12 – 5.

We saw the Senators make late 3rd quarter push. We responded, controlling the pace and playing with purpose on offense. Limiting turnovers and the assertion our aggressive offensive actions helped us find the open players and get A1 quality shots. The teamwork was impressive.

Given coach Rick was unavailable, Suns NBL1 Women’s coach, Marcus Bardill, imparted his wisdom and helped guide the girls towards success. His presence and contributions were much appreciated.

Bring on Round 2, where we’ll be ready for our Suns Derby!

Player of the game

Sonja Heyman: Poise, control, strength and aggression were the keys to Sonja’s dominance over this game. Sonja made her mark at both the offensive and defensive ends of the floor, getting stops and facilitating the fastbreak game. She scored an efficient 9 points and pulled in a bucket load of rebounds. Well done on an amazing game, Sonja.

U14 Girls Blue (Shannon Trew)

Won against Hills Raiders (58 – 21)

Coaches notes

What a great way to start the season, getting a strong win against a good Hills Raiders team. Fortunately for us, we played the same team last week and we improved on the areas of concerns.

We started with a well balanced line up and the girls got off to a good start leading at qtr time. From there, the girls starting moving the ball quicker and making lots of great opportunity. This also started off our full court man and the girls were firing, our rebounds doubled, steals and interceptions increased and they got louder on and off the court from their increased confidence.

We’re looking forward to next week’s challenges.

Player of the game

Abby Duggan had an outstanding game at both ends of the court. As Abby’s confidence grew so did her energy and effort. Abbys on on-ball defence was fierce and she never lowered her pressure on the ball. Her ability to push the ball down the court to her teammates advantage brought all of her team mates into the game. Great shot selections and rebounds helped us build a strong win. It’s only the beginning for Abby, much more stand out games to come.

U14 Boys Black (Adrian Mok)

Loss against Willetton Tigers (39 – 81)

Coaches notes

After playing ‘Star Struck’ in the 1st quarter the boys managed to get their composure back in the 2nd. We just couldn’t buy a bucket in the last half, but no one dropped their heads which was encouraging.

We do need to bring our energy and effort on the defensive end (regardless if we are making shots or not) as we were very slack with ball pressure and defending the entry pass into the post.

It was a fantastic challenge to go up against the State Champions, they showed us what areas we need to get better at.

Player of the game

Cal Kwe for always adjusting to different roles on a weekly basis. After taking out our starting point guard due to injury, Cal stepped up and played to the best of his ability to keep our offence going. Keep working and the results will come, it has always been a pleasure coaching and having him on the team.

U14 Boys Orange (Robert Rees)

Win against Mandurah Magic (62- 51)

Coaches notes

Our defence was our focus for this game and while it wasn’t perfect we achieved our goal.

Player of the game

Kundai Rukodzi

U14 Boys White (Joel Warner)

Won against Joondalup Wolves (56 – 46)

Coaches notes

The number one highlight was that we won our opening round game. Playing through nerves and brushing away the cob-webs is easy to talk about, but more difficult to do. Over the course of the pre-season and grading we have worked on some techniques for readiness and focus, and it was pleasing to see us jump out of the box and start well from the opening tip. Our transition game was quite good for round one and our half court execution also met expectations. I look forward to improving those elements throughout the season. Over the course of the game we won three quarters, which is a reflection of our ability to stick together, largely because there were a couple of junctures during the game where we were significantly challenged and our lead shrunk. It was in these moments that we showed some real metal and found a way to execute. I was pleased with our ability to play through the chaos and remain focused and calm.

Player of the game

There were two outstanding players this week, but no passengers in our whole team. It was a toss of the coin for who wins player of the round, as both Asten and Phoenix were stand-out players. I would like to congratulate both boys on their performances. On this occasion Phoenix will be credited with Player of the round because on several occasions he found an extra gear defensively. He rotated well as a helper when we were undersized, he rebounded well and left the game with 3 steals, one of which allowed us to get a basket and break a strong scoring run from the Wolves. Well done Phoenix.

U14 Boys Blue (Yi Gan)

Won against Hills Raiders (63 – 21)

Coaches notes

Like any first game of the season there will always be nerves and anxiousness, and it came down to settling in the game early and trusting those who have played before to lead the way. Adam Matthews came out real real REAL strong early and his first 3 minutes set the tone for the rest of his brothers. It was a pleasure to see how serious he took his role early on and because of his strong start both on the offensive end and defensive end it allowed the other boys to settle in quicker then expected and once they settled, we slowly pulled away from the game.

Huge mention to Atticus for a first game show out on defense, something I haven’t expected much just yet but here he is showing that he can be a 2 way guard when he’s switched on.

Overall it was a good performance for our first game, Mark and myself are really proud of how the boys came ready to play and the support they have for each other, is something we will enjoy seeing this season.

The biggest positive take away from this game was seeing how the boys really listened to what was needed, and just pushing on with each possession regardless of if it was a bad decision or not, as long as it was an attempt at something they were asked to do.

The parents were all very supportive and well behaved as well as other fans on our side which is great, and the refs were brilliant with a well called game.

Player of the game

Adam Matthews, having being a DP for numerous seasons, he came in hungry. After a tough grading day, and some honest truth feedback, he’s really locked in now and bought into the system of who he needs to be and what a great way to start the season with a dominant performance.

U16 Girls Black (Shannon Trew)

Won against Hills Raiders (81 – 45)

Coaches notes

Today’s game was by far our best team game together since State Champs. Other then the 4th qtr when the game was sealed the girls doubled Hills Raiders score for the each qtr.

Every aspect of our game plan looked very solid and the girls lifted every time they were challenged by the coach. The girls created loads of options through fast movements of the ball down and around the court. The hunger for the ball only increased with every quarter and everyone played their part on and off the court. The players on the bench who were not playing were loud and encouraging and kept their teammates energy high and positive.

It was great to give the girls tasks they hadn’t practiced and to see them work it out and learn on the fly was very promising to see.

Player of the game

Pene Punaivaha is only a week into her basketball journey at the Suns and she has made herself at home in the team. Her hard work at training and dedication to learning our game style flowed into her first game and she was electrifying on the court and lifted her new team mates to follow her on getting a huge win away from home. Pene was first to rebounds, first player down the court in defence and always running for her team mates. If there was stat’s taken today she would have had more than 10 rebounds and 10 assists to go with her 29 points. More to come for Pene.

U16 Girls Orange (Andrew Herbert)

Won against Willetton Tigers (50 – 46)

Coaches notes

A solid effort on Sunday from all the ladies.
We continued to battle hard even when the ball didn’t drop for us on some easy shots.
We were solid in defence this round.
We were able to get the job done in round 1, but I look forward to seeing what we can bring round 2.
I haven’t done stats for this game but everyone contributed across the stat sheet in rebounding, steals and block shots.
A solid effort on the scoreboard this week being contributed by Charlotte Herbert 13, Olivia Geary 10, Carmen Wood 9 and Holly Marsh 8.
Let’s Go Suns!!! 🔥 🆙

Player of the game

Player of the round this week goes to Amethyst Francis who played an important roll in team this weekend in her first regular season game as a Sun. Amethyst continues to develop weekly by taking on board what she learns at training to develop her game. I am really impressed with the way she listens to coaches and makes the adjustment required to make her a major part in the teams success. Amethyst’s confidence continues to build weekly. Keep up the great work Ammy!

U16 Girls White (Daniel Heyman)

Loss against Warwick Senators (38 – 75)

Coaches notes

Warwick hit us hard from the outset with their formidable press. Turnovers got us into trouble on the scoreboard. After an early slip, we found our flow. Early on Shelby Lewis and Isla Andrews led the way with their attack of the paint. For most of the first half we stayed within 11 points of the Senators.

In the second half, we started on the wrong end of an 11-0 run. After a timeout, we regrouped and steadied the ship by valuing possession and getting into our offensive actions. As the game wore on, the margin grew. The girls dug deep and played until the end.

The game gave us plenty to ponder. We know how we played through the Grading Tournament to get to this position. Rekindling this fight and reliance on teamwork is our path to future success. We look forward to the challenge.
This game has presented us an early growth opportunity.

Player of the game

Isla Andrews: In her WABL debut, Isla showed why she found her way into the team. She was relentless in her attack of the paint, drawing fouls and getting to the line. Isla’s trademark rebounding effort and running of the floor set the bar for her teammates. Well done Isla! We can’t wait to see where you go from here.

U16 Boys Black (Declan Kinsella)

Won against Perth Redbacks (68 – 64)

U16 Boys Orange (Hayden Bird)

Won against Eastern Suns (98 – 56)

Coaches notes

The boys have started off strong with a win and are starting to show they can work really well together as a team.

Adding in half court concepts and higher ball movement, this group will continue to move forward and be a great unit.

Player of the game

Tadiwa Rukodzi, it was a hard pick due to the level that a lot of the boys were playing at, but Tadiwa has taken the player of the round this time due to his consistency and high level of energy out on the court. At no point during the game did Tadiwa stop. Great work Tadi!

U16 Boys White (Thor Amundsen)

Loss against Joondalup Wolves (66 – 79)

Coaches notes

A disappointing result after a slow start against Wolves, we were able to reset and readjust to win the second half. Our rotations were challenged, having a few players in early foul trouble, forcing our defensive structures to adapt. Our defensive pressure did not back off and this was a credit to the team.
Some great signs for this group, with its versatility being the highlight. Several players adapted to different roles and stepped up when needed.

Player of the game

Zach Bainbridge is our Player of the Round this week for his efforts on both ends of the court. Zach provides the team with energy and enthusiasm and is always up for the contest

U16 Boys Blue (Derek Quayle)

Loss against Eastern Suns (56 – 98)

Coaches notes

We had a really tough assignment for our first game of the season playing against the Suns Orange team. The boys played with a really good spirit and effort all game from start to finish, highlighted by a block from our captain Tom to stop the opposition from scoring 100 points.

Even though we were out-matched in size, our boys worked hard on both ends of the court. There were quite a few moments where what we practiced in pre-season, the boys executed very well. If we continue to work on that against other teams then I am confident we are going to do well.

Both Jacob and Lucas battled fiercely on the boards all day against much bigger opposition and finished with 15 and 9 points respectively.

Marcus’s one on one ability was on show today with quite a number of drives to the basket, finishing with 8 points…. and yes I saw the left hand layup.

Jackson and Cooper both spread the floor in transition and finished with 6 points each.

A shout out to our development player Ben who stepped up to battle the big forwards from the other team.

Player of the game

Jacob gets the player of the round this week for his 15 points and his efforts in both defence and rebounding.

U18 Girls Black (Rick Batista)

Won against Mandurah Magic (60 – 44)

Coaches notes

We played great team basketball, the ball moved well and there was plenty of opportunities for every player. We rebounded the ball extremely well, and played ferocious defence the entire game. Amber was huge on the boards and set the tone with plenty of time diving on loose balls. Lily’s Leedership (see what I did there) was wonderful, a great point guards game, calm and in control the whole game. Sienna was wonderful on the offensive boards, and Ana and Kira’s defence set the tone for team. Super proud of a 7 girl roster who gave me their all.

Player of the game

Amber Marsh gets the nod this week, her 18 points and what felt like 20 rebounds to go with it, was a phenomenal effort from a player who had to play most of the game and did not stop trying all day.

U18 Girls Orange (Charlie Smart)

Loss against Cockburn Cougars (50 – 88)

Coaches notes

Tough first game match up against a well drilled and accurate Cockburn Cougars, saw the first half score line unfortunately blow out.
Still nursing a few injuries and battling nerves, the girls came out stronger after half time. Undeterred by the very high foul counting game, the girls locked in on defence and minimised Cougars scoring opportunities in the third, which brought them back in the game. Confidence lifted during the last quarter, where some great team basketball opened up lanes allowing fast paced transition down the court where they backed each other to secure the points.

Player of the game

Alex. Alex had a very tentative start to the game but led the way both ends of the court scoring 16 points, securing rebounds and some great steals mid court.

U18 Boys Black (Cooper Lowe)

Loss against Willetton Tigers (69 – 106)

U18 Boys Orange (Brad Dowd)

Won against East Perth Eagles (96 – 70)

Coaches notes

We wanted to come out and make a statement and the boys did exactly that.

We narrowly beat this team at grading, so we knew it was going to be a challenge. So after only managing a 4 point lead at quarter time, the boys stepped it up a notch in the 2nd and 3rd terms really taking control.

We utilized our offences quite well and ran the fast break rather effectively. Our defence was pretty good, causing many stops, plus 11 steals and 4 blocks. The boys managed 36 rebounds, but we did give them a few too many 2nd opportunities to score for my liking. Moving forward, I would like the boys to secure the defensive rebound quicker, look for more assists and also less turn overs.

Tom H, played a strong first WABL game, pulling down lots of rebounds, getting blocks and scoring well in the paint. Tom had a great attitude all game and gave 100% whilst on the court, always earning his break. Unfortunately Tom’s game was shortened due to an ankle injury and hopefully we will see him back on the court very soon.

Deacon had a strong game finishing with a double/double (10 rebounds and 14 points).

Vinz was unstoppable, attacking the rim while scoring 21 points.

Player of the game

Tom H wins our player of the game, due to his effort and hustle the entire time he was on the court.

U18 Boys White (Rae D’Sylva)

Loss against Rockingham Flames (52 – 87)

Coaches notes

We played well in patches

Player of the game

Mitch Mandusic. Mitch had one training session with us and played with a lot of hustle and worked well with the team.

U18 Boys Blue (Bailey Ferguson)

Loss against Perry Lakes Hawks (50 -74)

Coaches notes

When we pushed the ball in transition we looked good, just need to do it on a more consistent basis.

Player of the game

Hunter Tolliday showed he can be a leader and doesn’t give up.

U20 Boys Black (Lochy Brown)

Won against Perth Redbacks (101 – 76)

Coaches notes

Great first game with a lot of new faces playing together it was exciting to get on the court and get a full game under our belts. Defence was the stand out, holding the other team under 80 points which is excellent. The offence still needs some fine tuning but a fantastic way to start the season.

Player of the game

Dylan Jorre De St Jorre, a great first game where he controlled the pace in offence and led the intensity on defence from the front.

U21 Girls Black (Lizel Buckley)

Won against Perth Redbacks (66 – 47)

Coaches notes

First win in the newly created U21’s league. We fought really hard for the win.

Player of the game

Skye Thomas- brought energy and lead the team in scoring.