KDBA runs two main seasons each year with Season 1 running from January (February for junior competitions) through to the first week of July. Season 2 then runs from the mid July through to the first week of December each year.

Competitions run during school semesters and on public holidays unless the public holidays fall in the mid-season break.

All domestic competitions are held on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights with games commencing starting at 4.00pm each day & the last time slot 9.15pm (except for Thursday which finishes at 7pm).

Please feel free to check out “our domestic clubs” page for information on joining our Junior competition.

Rules summary


Please select which competition and division you register for carefully as once competitions have started, there will be no changing of competitions/divisions.

The following factors should be considered when selecting a competition:

  • It is suggested that teams that consist largely of players who have not played before or who have limited playing experience should nominate in the lowest division for an age group (e.g. division 2 for girls competitions and division 3 for boys competitions).
  • Teams who are experienced or have WABL level players should play in the top divisions for their age group (e.g. division 1 for girls and division 1 or 2 for boys competition).
  • Rising Suns is a development program for children in years 2/3 or 4/5 who are new to the game and who want to learn the rules of basketball.

Please note that if there are not enough teams for a competition/division to be considered viable by the Association, teams may be placed in another competition/division at the discretion of the Association.

Limited regrading will be generally be completed by round 5 of competitions. In general, teams who have won every game by large amounts may be regraded up to a higher division. Teams who have lost every game by large amounts may be regraded down a division. Other factors that are also considered are teams played and winning/losing margins, please note that just because you may wish your team to be moved there is no guarantee it will be and that there is always a top and bottom of every division.

Regrading is at the discretion of the Association and once done, there will generally be no further regrading for the season however the Association reserves the right to further re grade if it feels it is for the benefit of the competition.


The following table lists some of the Local Competition fees:




Team Nomination Fee
Nomination fee paid by each team to nominate each season. This fee is payable as part of the registration process and is non-refundable.
$65.00 (per team)
Team Registration Fee
Season registration fee payable by each team. Teams will be invoiced for this fee prior to the season starting with full payment due by the end of the fourth round of the season.
$395.00 (per team)
Game Fee
$65.00 (per team) Via the app Team Pay.

$70 for season 2.

$10.00(per player)

$80.00 (per team) Via the app Team Pay for season 2. 

Development Program Fees
Rising Suns Development League (per game)
Aussie Hoops Development Program (per 10 week term)
$10.00 (per player)
$TBA (per child)
Late Nomination Fee
Teams who nominate after the nomination closing date will be charged a late fee. Late nominating teams will not be put into competition until round 5 and will also need to pay the full nomination/registration/late fee prior to being accepted into a competition. Late nominations may not be accepted as most competitions are full
$50.00 (per team)


All players wanting to participate in our Junior competition must be registered to a club. Please see ‘Our Clubs’ section for more information.

Please note that players must also have a valid and current Basketball WA (BWA) Individual Player Affiliation Licence to be able to be play for a team. This player licence costs $41.75 (current for Season 1 – 2023) for a one year licence.

The player licence can be purchased or renewed during the player registration process. This licence fee is imposed and managed by BWA – KDBA does not receive any proceeds from this player licence fee, nor are we able to provide refunds, make adjustments or other such things to do with this fee. Please contact BWA ( if you have any queries relating specifically to this player affiliation fee.

When registering to a team please make sure you use the same email address and SportsTG Passport account that you used to purchase your BWA Player Licence. Using a different account/email address may result in the system asking you to pay the BWA Player Affiliation Fee again. More information on registering players can be found here.

Players must be registered to a team prior to their game starting and before they will be allowed to enter a game. Please note that it can take up to 12 hours for online player registrations to be synced to our system, so please make sure you allow enough time to register before your game.


Finals formats will be announced prior to the end of the first half (term) of each season once all grading is complete. The formats may vary between grades in the same competition depending on the number of teams that are registered.

The Masters League and Rising Suns will not have finals but will play additional regular season games for the first two weeks of the finals series.


Teams who need to forfeit a game should email us as soon as possible. Please make sure you provide us with the following information in your email:

  • Team name
  • Competition name
  • Date of forfeit

A forfeit fee will be invoiced to the team and is required to be paid prior to the team’s next game. The amount of the forfeit fees is dependent on when notice of the forfeit is received by us.

Teams who forfeit any finals game will automatically be removed from the remainder of the Finals Series for that Competition.

Teams, schools and clubs who notify us within the first four rounds of the season with dates they are unable to play due to things like school events, public holidays and other foreseen events may have their forfeit fee waived.

Where games are disrupted due to no fault of the teams or the Association (e.g. power failure) then the Competition Manager will declare the game abandoned if more than 10 minutes of game time may be lost.

If a game has been declared abandoned with less than 10 minutes remaining until the end of the game, then the score will stand, with the game counted as a normal game played with the team ahead on scores winning the game.

If a game has been declared abandoned with more than 10 minutes remaining until the end of the game, then the game will be considered a washout. The score of the game will be 20-20 with both teams awarded a win.

In extraordinary circumstances when KDBA needs to cancel a game prior to the scheduled commencement of that game, an effort will be made to reschedule that game. If that game cannot be rescheduled, then the game will be considered a washout.


Teams wishing to withdraw should advise our Competition Manager as soon as possible. Teams that withdraw prior to the season starting, and have paid the nomination and registration fees will be refunded the registration fee portion only.

Teams that withdraw once the season has started will receive a partial refund on their registration fee as per the table below.



Prior to season commencing
The nomination fee non-refundable.
Full amount of any registration fee paid less the transaction fees that were applied to KDBA by our service provider.
Within first four rounds of the season
The nomination fee is non-refundable.
Any registration fee amount already paid paid that is over $100.
If a team withdraws and has not paid at least $100 for registration, they will be invoiced for the amount of $100 minus any registration fee they have already paid.
After the first four rounds but less than half the season.
The nomination fee is non-refundable.
$100 (provided the team is financial with the Association) 
After the first half of the season.
No refund.



The bench space immediately next to the score bench is designated for the players and coaches of the teams only.

Parents, supporters, spectators, etc. must not sit in this area to help reduce any confusion as to who is participating in the game.

Persons who sit on the team bench, who are not playing or coaching in the game, are considered to be part of the team and as such can be issued with team technical fouls as if the were playing or coaching.

As there is only 5 minutes between timeslots all teams are asked to please clear the team benches as soon as possible after the game to allow the next  team playing on the court to get ready for their match.


Each game requires a person to operate the scoreboard and to use the Courtside App to record scores/fouls/players etc. Each team is responsible for supplying one person to perform one of the above positions for each game (except for finals games).

Teams who do not provide a scorer will be required to use one of their players to score even if it means their team only having four players on court. These players may substitute into the game off the score bench provided the player being substituted out takes over the scoring duties.

Players must be added to the Courtside App prior to the game commencing. Players who participate and who are not entered in the Courtside App or who play under an assumed name may cause that team to forfeit the game.

Instructions on how to score using the Courtside App can be found here.


Games are played in two 19 minute halves with a 2 minute half time. The game clock is a running clock which means it does not stop during the game.

Each team is allowed one timeout in the first half and two timeouts in the second half. Teams may not call a timeout in the last three minutes of the second half.

Grand finals games run a different timing system where the first half is a 19 minute running clock and the second half is a 19 minute running clock except for the last three minutes which will be fully timed.

Grand finals for Premier Divisions are a 19 minute running clock first half with the second half being 15 minutes fully timed. Premier Divisions are the top grade or division in Senior Competitions and the top division in age groups for players aged 13 years and older in Junior Competitions. For example – A Grade Men, Division 1 Women, Under 15 Girls Division 1. Where there is only one division in an age group, then that competition will be considered a Premier Division.


All players must be in correct uniform when playing in a KDBA competition. This includes all players from a team wearing the same design top and all players wearing the same colour shorts.

Each team must source their own uniforms and whilst KDBA does not directly engage with uniform supply for Domestic Teams however we are happy to point you in the right direction.

Each player who is not in full correct uniform will incur a five point penalty which will be awarded to the opposition team.

KDBA proudly purchased new in-house reversible playing jerseys thanks to the help of our sponsors, He Brew Espresso. These playing jerseys can be hired out to players or teams on game nights with the cost to hire a jersey being $5 per top to a maximum of $30 for a full team set of 5 or more. Please see our staff at reception if you would like to hire a jersey.


Referees and officials have a difficult task to perform and you could not play the game without them. They are there to enforce the rules of play but they cannot always be right. Accept all calls graciously.

Players who consistently dispute decisions or do not accept decisions may be breaking the code of conduct. If you disagree with a decision, have your coach, captain or manager approach the referee during a break or after the game, in an appropriate manner.

We encourage our referees to be approachable. However, it should be noted that FIBA rules state that only the captain and head coach “may communicate in a courteous manner with the officials during the game to obtain information only when the ball is dead”.

When speaking to our referees and staff, please do so in an appropriate manner. Abusive, aggressive, offensive and other such behaviour towards any of KDBA’s staff and volunteers is unacceptable and may result in being asked to leave the stadium and/or suspensions from participating at KDBA.


Images of children must not be used inappropriately or illegally. Basketball Australia requires that individuals and associations, wherever possible, obtain permission from a child’s parent/guardian before taking an image of a child that is not their own. They should also make sure the parent/guardian understands how the image will be used.

To respect people’s privacy, we do not allow camera phones, videos and cameras to be used inside changing areas, showers or toilets.

On occasions, KDBA may take photos or videos for promotional and record purposes. When using such photos/video that involves a child, KDBA will not name or identify the child or publish personal information, such as residential address, email address or telephone number, without the consent of the parent/guardian. We will not provide information about a child’s hobbies, interests, school or the like, to avoid use by paedophiles or other persons to “groom” a child.

We will only use images of children that are relevant to our sport and we will ensure that they are suitably clothed in a manner that promotes participation in the sport. We will seek permission from the parents/guardians of the children before using the images. We require our members, players, teams, clubs and patrons to do likewise.


All local competitions at KDBA are played in accordance with the FIBA and Basketball Australia rules except as amended by the LPR. These modified rules have been adapted to the needs of KDBA to help with the running of competitions at a domestic level.

A copy of the current LPR can be found in our Resources section.

Please note that the LPR is reviewed annually so should be read at the start of each year. By participating in competitions, programs and events at KDBA you are agreeing to abide by these rules and any policies, guidelines and procedures that KDBA has in place.


KDBA competitions operate under the Codes of Conduct that has been developed by Basketball Western Australia. These Codes of Conduct are devised to give some guide to the expectations that are placed on participants. It is intended to assist everyone to obtain the maximum benefit and enjoyment from their involvement in basketball.

A copy of the BWA Codes of Conduct can be found here. It is strongly recommended that all players, coaches, managers, parents and supporters read the code.

Please be advised that there is zero tolerance by KDBA for violent/offensive/threatening/aggressive behaviour towards our staff or volunteers. Persons who display such behaviour will be asked to leave the stadium and may have their membership with KDBA revoked. Such behaviour during a game may also be referred to a tribunal for possible additional penalties.


Player ages for age groups are taken as of 31 December for that year. For example, a player who intends to play in an Under 16 competition may not turn 16 or older at any time during that calendar year.

Players wishing to play up an age group (e.g. an Under 14s player wishing to play Under 16s) may do so provided they are not going up more than two age groups (e.g. an Under 14s player wishing to play Under 20s or seniors). Players who wish to play up more than two age groups must be approved by the Competition Group prior to playing up. Part of the approval process will require the player’s parent/guardian providing KDBA with their written consent to their child playing in a higher age group.

KDBA understands that there may be extenuating reasons a player may want to play in an age group that they are too old for. In such circumstances, KDBA will investigate the circumstances and, if deemed appropriate, may grant an exemption for that player to play down. KDBA will take into consideration a number of factors when determining such exemptions and may revoke the exemption at any time. To request an exemption team managers or coaches must email us explaining the circumstances behind the request as well as any other relevant information. KDBA will then provide a written response to the request. Players may not play down until an exemption has been granted.


KDBA’s LPR includes automatic suspensions for players that are assessed disqualifying fouls, players who accumulate a certain number of technical fouls or unsportsmanlike fouls. Players who fall under LPR Rule 20 will receive an automatic suspension of a week. The details of this rule can be found in our Competition & Local Playing Rules.


Ray Owen Sports Centre is a smoke free stadium as set by the City of Kalamunda. Persons may not smoke within the venue or within 5 metres of any entry/exit.

Players who appear to be intoxicated, under the influence of drugs or in any way unfit to play as determined by the Competition Manager, Referee Coordinator, Referee Leadership Group, Match Official, General Manager or KDBA Committee Member, are not permitted to participate in any games and may be removed from the court or stadium.


KDBA has adopted the following complaints and feedback process for its local competitions:

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