Playing for a club comes with many benefits. Aside from helping new players find teams, organising team coaches, managers and uniforms, Clubs are a great way to form friendships and a sense of belonging.

Clubs are a great way to become involved and remain active in basketball and where we find the company of like-minded people and share experiences. Valuable social networks develop through clubs and sport.

Exciting changes are on the horizon as we embark on a journey towards a club-based model, set to unfold in 2025 with groundwork starting in 2024.

At The Bendigo Bank Eastern Suns, we’re all about fostering a sense of community and belonging. Our shift to a club-based model in 2025 is designed to bring us closer together, creating a space where every member plays a vital role.

We want this transition to be seamless and purposeful. By choosing 2025, we ensure that we have ample time to plan thoughtfully and communicate effectively, involving each member of our community in the process.

The Bendigo Bank Eastern Suns is not just a basketball club; it’s a community. Be part of this exciting transformation and let’s build a future where unity and shared experiences take center stage.

Stay connected for updates, events, and opportunities as we move forward, hand in hand, into a new era of the Eastern Suns!

The Bendigo Bank Eastern suns are proud to have the following 8 clubs. For players looking to join a club, please contact one of the clubs below to get involved.


Owner: Lizzie Falconbridge
Contact: 08 9293 8100
Administrator: Paula Dunstan
Contact details:
Season 2 2024 info: Full

Hills Huskies

Administrator: Simon Calvert

Contact details:

Season 1 2024 info: Accepting team inquiries for U/12 & rising suns only.


President: Sarah Paszniki –

Registrar: Kate Blakeley –

Season 1 2024 info: Accepting player inquiries only


Administrator: Julie Parker

Contact details:

Season 1 2024 info: Accepting team enquires for U12s & Rising suns only.


Administrators: Lawrence West & Brenton Williams (U/12s & Below)

Contact Details:,

Season 1 2024 info: Accepting team inquires for U12’s, rising suns and all girls age groups.

Hills Panthers

Administrator: Brad Dowd

Contact details:

Season 1 2024 info: Accepting team enquires for all girls age groups & U/12 boys.

Phoenix Flames

Administrator: Bianca Powell

Contact details:

Season 1 2024 info: Accepting inquires



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