WABL Wrap Week 9 – 16/06/24

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Players of the round:

Stephanie Evans  (U14 Girls) – This week our resident firecracker Steph grabs the honours. 7 rebounds, 10 assists, 5 steals and a super-human level of hustle! Steph is every teams worst nightmare, she never stops coming at you and she will always outwork you.

Mikael Leonov (U16 Boys) –  Mikael really stepped up this game, scoring most of his points off offensive rebounds. He was a force on the court and played a crucial role in our win. Great job, Mikael!

U12 Girls Black – Lawrence West (Sponsored by: KTrans)

Loss against Perth Redbacks (37 – 46)

Coaches notes

This week saw us face off against the best team in our division, so we knew we were up for a tough game. From the start the girls were absolutely up to the challenge, trailing by 1 point at half time and up by 3 heading into the 4th quarter.

Unfortunately foul trouble and injuries caught up to us and we couldn’t quite contain the Redbacks on this occasion. When we are at our best we are able to compete with the best teams our division has to offer. We will continue to work on our foul discipline and look forward to our next match up.

It’s nice to play against a team that plays hard but in the right spirit. Shout out to Redbacks coach, players and parents for setting a great example of what U12s WABL should be about.

Player of the game

This week saw a special assignment set for two of our players, and they crushed it! They hustled hard, stuck to the mission and sacrificed for their team.

Well done Lily Butler & Sophie Perazzo.

U12 Girls Orange – Lizzie Falconbridge

(Sponsored by: Clever Fox Marketing)

Won against Rockingham Flames (47 – 31)

Coaches notes

In a hard-fought game, our girls demonstrated their toughness and aggression on the court, focusing intently on controlling the ball. Their aggressive defense forced three backcourt turnovers by stopping the inbound pass, causing the opposing team to get called for a 5-second violation each time. From start to finish, they pushed hard, showcasing exceptional teamwork and solid defense. Even when the score was tight, they remained disciplined, listening to their coaches and sticking to the game plan. They dribbled with their eyes up, constantly searching for better pass options and opportunities for assists. Their ability to unite as a team during tight score margins is remarkable and their positive attitude and dedication at training shone through, making for a commendable performance.

Player of the game

Jovana Novakovic is our Queen of the Court this week. Though she’s a mid-sized big against this team, Jovana dominated the boards, consistently pulling in rebounds despite relentless double and triple teams.

U12 Girls White – Jemma Gartrell

Loss against Hills Raiders (21 – 41)

U12 Boys Black – Brad Dowd (Sponsored by: Fern Landscapes)

Won against East Perth Eagles (72 – 53)

Coaches notes

We had a very physical game this week and the boys were tested both in their skill set and their resilience. The first and second quarters were neck and neck and we found ourselves shying away from contact and not stepping up early in defense. The half was full of unpredictability on and off the court but the boys ensured they kept their heads going into the second half.

After a quick regroup and focus on body contact pressure off the ball, the boys worked as a team to force turnovers and bump any cuts coming through the keyway. They were loud, quick and aggressive on both offence and defense which created a 31 to 14 score difference in the third which gave us a small buffer coming into the final term.

The boys kept up the intensity and played as a team to take out the win. They ALL displayed great sportsmanship and it was an awesome game to watch. They should be very proud.

Player of the game

It was one of the toughest games to pick a player of the round as all of the boys could be commended in their efforts this week, however, my player of the round is Sven. He had a fantastic game and really showed confidence on the court this week. He displayed high energy and it was great to see him play well and create opportunities for his team mates.

U12 Boys Orange – Lizzie Falconbridge (Sponsored by: Alliance Engineering Consultants Pty Ltd)

Loss against Lakeside Lightning (43 – 50)

Coaches notes

Our offense was not on today, and our defense wasn’t quite good enough to get us the win. Our offensive flow was disrupted with a lot of fouls, which lead to A LOT of free throws for us, but we could not capitalize. We hit 13 free throws in the game but would have shot less than 50%. The momentum of the game turned in the third quarter and we need to learn to stick to our game plan and not get rattled when this happens. Hopefully we all learn something from this game, which will be a positive for us.

Player of the game

As this was a late game for us, we will decide on a payer of the game at training this week. Stellan Edowai was really good, rebounding and playing fantastic defense all game. Ashton Smith had a game high 17 points and as many rebounds. Spencer Massam was a pest on defense all game before unfortunately fouling out and he and Levi Grey consistently applied pressure on the defense with their dribbling up the court and drives.

U12 Boys White – Ben Marks (Sponsored by: Joel Dixon)

Loss against Hills Raiders (43 – 49)

Coaches notes

We came into the game with confidence despite missing our leading scorer this week. The first half was a back-and-forth tussle in what was an extremely tight contest. Our opponents won the first quarter by 2 points, and we took the second 14-12 to tie the game at the half time break after some fantastic full court pressure defense. The third quarter was also even 14-14 leading into the home stretch with everything to play for. Unfortunately, our conversion rate did not match the opponents and we came up short again by 6 points.

A very balanced offensive attack this week with the top score being 6 points by 4 different players. The highlight of the game was our consistent effort on defense, trapping well in their backcourt and limiting their bigs at the basket, as their key big man struggled to finish over some strong wall-ups. Special mention to Ollie and Brock who battled out of their weight and height division under the basket picking up some strong rebounds to go along with their usual defensive pressure. Jax was an admirable replacement for Zane and really shone for stretches of the game with his defensive intensity, rebounding and willingness to pass the ball to the player in a better position. He also scored his first ever WABL points!

Player of the game

Player of the game this week was nearly impossible to choose with such a balanced effort. For his effort in pressuring the ball well and consistently getting deflections all game long, Chase Williamson is this week’s player of the game. Chase also provided us with some timely buckets and really put pressure on their defense with some strong drives.

U12 Boys Blue – Declan Kinsella

Won against Hills Raiders (42 – 40)

U14 Girls Black – Bruno Kongawoin

(Sponsored by: SupaFit Seat Covers Pty Ltd)

Won against South West Slammers (47 – 33)

Coaches notes

A win is always a good result, and this week we secured a hard-fought victory against the South West Slammers. Despite being winless so far this season, the Slammers remain a formidable team with some fantastic athletes.

The first quarter was challenging as our defense struggled to stop the ball early, though our half-court defense managed to mitigate any significant damage. The Slammers’ game plan included high-level ball pressure in the backcourt, which limited our opportunities for the fast-running game we’re accustomed to.

The first half felt like a fight for survival, ending with us trailing by 4 points in a low-scoring game (17-24). The beginning of the third quarter continued to be tough, with us trying to keep pace with the Slammers, leading to a necessary time-out. After the resumption of play, we finally found our rhythm and dominated the remainder of the game.

Moving forward, we will focus on improving our decision-making both defensively and offensively. We still commit too many unnecessary turnovers and fouls, putting us on the back foot.

Amber Brickwood and Poppy Hickson have been consistently performing well in recent responding to my calls effectively. I hope they continue to do so. Benwech Kuach’s leadership remains invaluable as we continue to develop as a team. Leah Darroch made a significant impact in our win, showing glimpses of her early performances despite returning from a sore knee and illness. Abigail continues to contribute quietly but effectively, while Finley Edwards and Chelsea Parker are on the brink of hitting their stride as their confidence with the ball increases.

Next week, we will host the Lakeside Lightning, a tall and athletic team that will present a significant challenge on the boards and the perimeter. Our focus this week will be on our containment defense.

Player of the game

Leah Darroch was voted our Player of the Game. Her hustle on defense disrupted the Slammers’ game flow, creating many loose balls and crucial steals, which jump-started our running game. It’s a pleasure to see Leah returning to form. Well done, Leah—let’s do it again next week…

U14 Girls Orange – Lawrence West (Sponsored by: Genesis Craft)

Won against Eastern Suns (57 – 47)

Coaches notes

From an execution point of view this week it wasn’t our best basketball, but I certainly cannot fault our effort. Compared to last time we faced the White team our rebounds, steals and block numbers are all up and we managed nearly 20 more shot attempts.

Rebounding we were amazing, particularly on the offensive end. Everyone was hungry for the ball and was a big reason we were able to stay in front. Our free throw percentage was great and we are getting better at controlling the things we can control.

We need to focus more on taking care of the basketball, with careless passing leading to a season high turnover count that allowed White to stay with us for the entire game. If we want to achieve our goals this season we need to be more disciplined and calm under pressure.

This week saw us claim the top spot on the ladder, and we understand that with this position comes the full attention of every other team. We know we are going to see every team’s best basketball and look forward to the challenge.

Special mention this week to Talei who continues to find new parts of her game and shot 100% from the free throw line, and Taneika who managed to pull off two “Mars Bar” plays in two weeks!

Player of the game

Stephanie Evans – This week our resident firecracker Steph grabs the honours. 7 rebounds, 10 assists, 5 steals and a super-human level of hustle! Steph is every teams worst nightmare, she never stops coming at you and she will always outwork you.

She consistently cheers the loudest for her teammates and will always sacrifice to see them succeed – well done mate I hope you have a great time at camp this week!

U14 Girls White (Rick Anderson)

Loss against Eastern Suns (47 – 57)

U14 Girls Blue – Shannon Trew

(Sponsored by: Newtrend IT Specialists Pty Ltd)

Won against Perth Redbacks (41 – 32)

Coaches notes

What an amazing win today against a very physical Redbacks team. The girls got to the game 45 minutes early to make sure they were fully warmed up and ready to go.

The girls kept Redbacks scoreless in the first quarter which is a huge achievement.
It was awesome to see the things we have been working hard to learn at training transferring into the game.

The 2nd quarter was a tough battle where Redbacks lifted their physicality and put alot of pressure on us which rattled some players because of the lack of fouls called.

3rd quarter the girls were being held, pushed around and out rebounded by Redbacks and by doing this the Redbacks took a 4 point lead going into the last.

The coach asked the girls if they were sick of being pushed around and what were they going to do about it? The girls reply was “let’s get more physical and beat them at their own game!” And that’s exactly what they did, full court pressure, grabbing every rebound, getting 7 interceptions and transitioning down the court in offence very fast. The girls outscored Redbacks 17- 4 to get a 9 point win away from home.

Player of the game

Player of the game was Imogen Chambers. When Imogen was on the court, she lead from the front and demonstrated what was needed to win. Her hard work in our half court helped her team mates get interceptions through her ball pressure. Imogen’s decision making was outstanding and she was always looking for the best option which wasn’t always her. Imogen had 7 points herself but probably stopped 10 points and passed to her team mates for another 10 points.

Huge display of Energy, Effort and Attitude.

U14 Boys Black – Adrian Mok (Sponsored by: SWISH Plan Management)

Loss against Lakeside Lightning (63 – 79)

U14 Boys Orange – Patrick Massam (Sponsored by: Pacific Automation Pty Ltd)

Loss against Rockingham Flames (52 – 73)

Coaches notes

The team had a new combination of starters this week and it was great to see them set a good tempo in offence and defense, knowing our regular starters were coming in behind.

It was great to see the team implement a new style of defense, and also seeing what gaps are needed to adapt when it’s not effective as the game progresses.

Rockingham provided tough defense to overcome, but unfortunately the mental effect of good defense got the better of the team. Having the game get away in the second half.

Player of the game

We handed out two pizzas this round – Hayden Taylor and Rocky Barbatano.

It was great to see both players really push it this week to make a huge impact on the game great work!

U14 Boys White – Joel Warner

Won against Mandurah Magic (94 – 46)

Coaches notes

Tuesday’s positive practice was backed up with a very promising game this Sunday. We performed well in the first and third quarters, posting scores of 25 – 9 and 25 – 7 respectively, and at the same time won all four quarters. We returned to a great scoring spread, with everyone hitting the scoreboard as well. On Tuesday we tweaked our defense a little bit, and as a group, we made some decisions about how we would play defense and remain accountable in tight games. This resulted in a massively reduced foul count, with no player registering more than two fouls. That is the key take-away for the week. As a Team, we decided to clean up the defensive end of things and we went out there on Sunday and did what we practiced. I was very pleased with the accountability shown from the players and the honesty that happened on Tuesday to ultimately produce the result on Sunday.

Last week I noted that Joondalup were probably the equal best Team in the Division, they sit alongside the Redbacks Black in my view as the two Teams who are the most well-rounded. Rockingham Black also pose a unique game-style that is very threatening. The point of acknowledging and learning what good Teams do, is to teach the boys about game styles and match-ups. We are at a point where we should be able to look at our opposition and see what they are running (offensively and defensively) and what the counters are. Following our good execution on Sunday I think we ultimately could be in the mix with the better Teams when we play our way. Despite last week’s loss, we executed well and this week we backed that up. There were (of course) patches where we didn’t quite meet our potential, but all-in-all there was far more good execution than poor execution. This comes from understanding what is in front of us, and making sure we find our advantages. At this point in the season the boys are understanding how important it is to do away with the hero-ball and stick with systems-based basketball. Zero passengers this week. The boys deserved that win and should feel proud of their effort.

Player of the game

This week we had Asten break out with a huge game! Asten posted 27 points along with 7 rebounds and 6 steals… what a day out! Asten trained the house down on Tuesday and came ready to play on Sunday. I would like to credit Asten with playing Team-first basketball, sharing the ball, spacing well, and having a 10/10 attitude. On Sunday Asten screened, ran in transition, minimised turnovers and proved unequivocally that you can score a bag of points whilst still putting the Team first. The best players don’t find themselves with big returns by accident, they get them by playing the right way for long periods. This week was simply the reward for three weeks of hard practice from Asten. In the last few weeks, I’ve seen him find the resilience to move forward with his head held high when he hasn’t met his own expectations. On Sunday Asten was outstanding. Well done!

U14 Boys Blue – Yi Gan (Sponsored by: Excess Power Equipment)

Loss against Mandurah Magic (45 – 51)

Coaches notes

All season long, we anticipated that our toughest opponents would be Lakeside, Warwick, and Mandurah Gold. Mandurah Gold is actually their B team, which had poor grading results. Knowing most of their players were top age, we expected a faster and more physical game.

Our slow starts have been a recurring issue for us as a coaching group and team, despite coming back to win 7 out of 8 games prior to today. However, against an older and more experienced team, our margin for error was slim.

In the first half, we struggled to find the right rotations and didn’t match their physicality. Adam was the standout, dominating both offensively and defensively.

The second half was a different story. Down by 17 points, we cut the deficit to 11 points heading into the 4th quarter.

At the 6-minute mark of the 4th quarter, we finally clicked as a team. Despite being down by 12 points, we fought back to within 4 points with 1:19 remaining.

The sequence of play went like this:

  • Missed three-pointer
  • Steal
  • Missed both free throws
  • Offensive rebound, missed putback
  • Missed both free throws
  • Steal
  • Missed three-pointer
  • Fouled them, sending them to the line with about 7 seconds remaining.

We had our chances, but more importantly, we finally mastered clock management in late-game situations while trailing. In past games against Warwick, we let the clock run too much. Tonight, I emphasized that with 1:34 left, there are essentially 15 possessions if you play it right. Down 11 with about 2 minutes to go, we had a chance to make it a one-possession game but couldn’t hit our threes and free throws. However, we now understand how to stop the clock, execute possessions, go for steals, and foul within three seconds if needed.

This is our second loss of the season, but it’s one I’m grateful for. This loss taught us more and will better prepare us for the finals. A win would have been nice, but we gained valuable insight into our team.

Honourable mention to Noah, who bounced back after taking a hit down low and turned his performance around in the second half. Chandler, despite having jarred both thumbs before the game, showed up without complaining and did his job. Atticus took a beating but learned to self-regulate better.

The referees were excellent, and I commend the Mandurah coach and his team for their sportsmanship. Even with the victory, they didn’t over-celebrate and had kind words for us.

Player of the game

Lukas Jones – For the second week in a row, I’m sure Adam appreciated the help on the glass. Today, against a taller and more physical team, Lukas stepped up and used his body effectively, creating loose balls and securing secondary rebounds for his teammates. Every season, a player rises to the challenge, and although Lukas’s performance was subtle and won’t show up in the stats, his effort in disrupting the opposition’s bigs was crucial. His ability to create havoc down low was instrumental in securing the ball when we needed it most.

U16 Girls Black – Shannon Trew

Won against Willetton Tigers (72 – 56)

Coaches notes

Superb win today against a very tough Willeton team which match up well against us.

The girls had a target to keep Willeton to 50 or less and didn’t quite get there today but it was a better effort in defence this week. Last time we played them we let them score 66 so it’s a 10 point improvement.

We jumped out to an early lead through fast offence and early full court pressure. We won the first quarter by 5, but was 3 point behind in our defensive target. The next 2 quarters we hit our defensive targets but got alot of fouls which put some players in foul trouble.

The last quarter Willeton came out fast and hit some early points, this meant we had to put on some players in foul trouble to try and stem the points in defence. Through some tough smart defence and ball pressure we were able to score freely in the last 5 minutes to push the lead out to 15 points.

It’s always good to finish strong and that’s something we do well. Top of the table match next week against Perry Lakes to try and keep our winning streak going.

Special mentions to Kaia and Pene for combining for 37 points in offence and George, Isla and Asha for playing tough defense and always putting pressure on the ball.

Player of the game

Player of the match goes to Charlie for again being the workhorse in offence and defence. Charlie lives and breathes Energy, Effort and Attitude and often has to beg to come off the court for a break.

Charlie had 13 points, loads of interceptions and gave passes to her team mates who were in a better position to score. Keep working hard Charlie!

U16 Girls Orange – Andrew Herbert

Loss against Cockburn Cougars (50 – 59)

Coaches notes

It took the ladies a little while to find their feet in the game but were able to battle through the 1st half and find momentum in the second. They all contributed and were able to finish the game with a solid 4th quarter, showing what they all are capable of down the stretch.

Player of the game

This week 🍕 POTR could have been sliced many ways but this week goes to a lady who continues to set up as required filling in positions at both ends of the floor.
Her ability to understand what is required whilst reading the floor well, assists in her defensive presence and is able to change that straight back into having an impact on the offensive end of the floor.
Keep working hard & congrats Carmen Woods!

U16 Girls White – Daniel Heyman

Loss against Joondalup Wolves (42 – 67)

Coaches notes

In another tough loss, we found our moment to shine, outscoring the opposition in the 4th quarter. It took us a while to find our offensive flow, but it was clicking well in the last period.

Player of the game

Macee Rothnie: Macee brought the aggression in this game, beating multiple lines of defense, scoring in the paint and from outside. She dropped an efficient 15 points and showed why she’s an important cog in our machine. Outstanding work, Macee!

U16 Boys Black – Declan Kinsella

(Sponsored by: Angus Flexible Pipelines Australia Pty Ltd)

Won against Cockburn Cougars (77 – 66)

U16 Boys Orange – Hayden Bird

Won against Cockburn Cougars (80 – 59)

Coaches notes

The boys impressed us coaches this week with a strong start and executing team – focused basketball perfectly. They quickly picked up on the other team’s strategies and made smart adjustments, allowing us to take control of the game.

Player of the game

Mikael Leonov: Mikael really stepped up this game, scoring most of his points off offensive rebounds. He was a force on the court and played a crucial role in our win. Great job, Mikael!

U16 Boys White – Thor Amundsen

Won against South West Slammers (96 – 72)

Coaches notes

A really competitive team effort on show in this game, highlighted by some great defensive work. After a disappointing loss last week, the group came together and held the lead right from the start.

Player of the game

Lionel Chitiyo showed great adaptation to early foul trouble and displayed fantastic work on the inside. Lionel is our Player of the Round.

U16 Boys Blue – Derek Quayle

Loss against Perry Lakes Hawks (52 – 98)

Coaches notes

Another week of improved effort on the court. Once we overcame their press we were really competing, but unfortunately our finishing has let us down again. If the boys can continue to work on their finishing then a win is just around the corner.

Lucas and Ron led the way with 10 points each, while Sandrae scored 9 and Ben had 7.

Player of the game

Benjamin Milczuk gets the player of the game this week for his efforts on both ends of the court. His defensive pressure was really good to go along with his rebounding efforts.

U18 Girls Black – Rick Batista

Loss against Perry Lakes Hawks (54 – 82)

Coaches notes

We were on time to the game.

Bella’s effort was wonderful.

Player of the game

Amber Marsh was wonderful again doing bits of everything, from rebounding (against a really tall team all day), to scoring, (attacking the rim well and getting offensive rebounds and put-backs), to diving on loose balls and bringing the ball up the court. Amber is a real glue piece for this team and we’re very lucky to have her. She had 3 “fouls” in the first 3 minutes and survived the rest of the game. Well done Amber

U18 Girls Orange – Charlie Smart (Sponsored by: Parker Crofts & Co)

Loss against Perth Redbacks (46 – 69)

Coaches notes

A physically challenging game which pushed us hard from the onset. Full credit to the maturity and composure of our girls in maintaining a high standard of conduct throughout and walking off the court banding together and still smiling.
Great partnership on court was formed, especially between Heidi and Ellie who displayed brilliant team work and closing the gap in a blistering third quarter.
Holly was also stead fast in her defense, walling up, boxing out and securing great rebounds and a few steals.

Player of the game

Mia – Mia is a quiet achiever on court. Always reliable to give 100% in any game at both ends of the court. Her defense was solid, standing her ground in the keyway and timely intercepts leading to fast breaks, allowed some great transition basketball. Mia top scored for the round with 11 points.

U18 Boys Black – Cooper Lowe (Sponsored by: Silverstone)

Loss against East Perth Eagles (79 – 105)

U18 Boys Orange – Brad Dowd (Sponsored by: GJ Demo Pty Ltd)

Loss against Lakeside Lightning (83 – 88)

Coaches notes

Another game we let get away from us. But again, what a massive come back after being down by 16 at half time. The boys really worked hard together in the 3rd quarter without much help from our Bigs (who were in foul trouble) and managed to get us back in the game. In the 4th we even took the lead for a moment, but we couldn’t hold on. It was our biggest game for assists this season with 14, which is fantastic and we were back to form with our shooting, with 50% from the field.

Jarron worked hard as usual with 16 points, 5 rebounds, 3 steals and 1 block. Vinz didn’t get much rest, finishing with 12 points, 3 assists and 2 steals. And Zakk continues to play his role well with 7 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal and 1 block.

Player of the game

Tom H wins player of the round, for working relentlessly and finishing with 17 points, 13 rebounds and 2 blocks (plus 1 dunk)

U18 Boys White – Rae D’Sylva

Loss against Willetton Tigers (65 – 73)

Coaches notes

This week was our best defensive performance as a team restricting the opposition to 73 points. Our defense has improved in a big way from the start of the season, and on the offensive end, there has been great improvement as a team when we have gone to the basket and not settling.

Player of the game

Kyeden Bowden. Kye has been a very consistent player for us and has been playing through injuries . This week he made his presence felt on the defensive end with a lot of blocks and rebounds. He also managed to be an impact on the offensive end in the paint with 10 points.

U18 Boys Blue – Bailey Ferguson (Sponsored by: Amy Jacobson Pty Ltd)

Loss against Rockingham Flames (83 -84)

Coaches notes

Another heartbreaking loss for the boys who were the better team for majority of the game. Some late game pressure and we didn’t execute down the stretch, but the boys should hang their heads high.

Notable mentions:

Jesstine – first start for the season didn’t look out of place at all late in the game. He stood up well and kept us in the game with some big buckets. Well done Jesstine.

Quick shoutout to Aimee for filling in for Amy as Team Manager this week. Appreciate the effort all round.

Player of the game

Hunter Tolliday – after some early positional rotations on the court, Hunter was able to adjust quickly to his new position and flourish in the role, showing heart and effort on every possession. Well done Hunter.

U20 Boys Black – Lochy Brown

Won against South West Slammers (118 – 91)

Coaches notes

Can never complain with a win. Especially when we execute on offence throughout the game. Defense was solid, however we are looking for that next gear to put teams under pressure and predictable stops that we can in turn capitalise on.

Player of the game

Dylan St Jorre – Dylan scores the ball effortlessly, however it was his leadership on the floor and getting others involved that stood out.

U21 Girls Black – Lizel Buckley

Loss against Willetton Tigers (56 – 62)

Coaches notes

Tough Loss- we were a few players down this week, but fought hard against this close lost.

Player of the game

Hannah Biddlecombe- she was a big contributor hitting 3’s from everywhere and playing awesome defense.