WABL Wrap Week 4 – 12/05/24

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Players of the round:

Mary Taufa  (U12 Girls) – Was our Queen of the Court this week for her offensive aggression and control of the ball while bringing it up the court.

Marley Sam (U18 Boys) – After making his NBL1 debut the night before, he comes out and leads our defense from the jump, and also was able to have himself 30 points. Congrats on a great weekend Marley!

U12 Girls Black – Lawrence West (Sponsored by: KTrans)

Won against Mandurah Magic (56 – 34)

Coaches notes

Coached by Ryan Breadsell

This week’s Mother’s day clash saw us travel to take on Mandurah Magic. Being on the road didn’t deter our spectators as we had Aunties, Uncles, grandparents, siblings and parents witness an excellent team effort to take out the much-needed win.

From the first whistle the girls showed an enormous amount of energy and hit the court running. They all listen to the team instructions and played their specific roles to execute plays and quickly jumped to a substantial lead.
Some of the players experienced foul trouble early and needed to adjust to the umpires, but we were able to inject players into various roles to keep plays running and the intensity up for the whole game. Some great leadership and calling of plays early from Mariska gave us excellent opportunities to inbound the ball effectively and score quickly.

Big mention to Eunice who received early fouls and corrected her defensive technique to be effective and play out most of the game. Sophie and Lily stepped up and played the main Big taking pressure of Eunice and shared the load.
Our focus for the game was rebounds and passing which were noticeably better than previous weeks. Our three Bigs (Eunice, Sophie and Lily) were hitting the boards at both ends of the court ripping down rebounds and making excellent outlet passes to give us multiple fast breaks where Mariska, Zoe and Harper were able to pass the ball around and score multiple layups.

Our defensive pressure once again was outstanding, making Mandurah pick up the ball and make poor passes. Some great intercepts by Zoe and May with Lailani running hard to get in front and stop the dribble.
Overall, the coaching staff were extremely happy with the girls’ efforts and full of compliments for all the players.

Player of the game

Mothers Day player of the round was selected by some mums today. Only fitting to give out some voting slips and get the mums to make the selections. It came down to two players which were very close but Zoe Keene took out the prize. Zoe took on the role of Bulldog in our defensive play and caused multiple turnovers. She also stole various balls which resulted in layups. Zoe always puts in an outstanding effort and this week she was able to show control on her plays and make excellent linking plays with her teammates. Well done Zoe.

U12 Girls Orange – Lizzie Falconbridge

(Sponsored by: Clever Fox Marketing)

Loss against Willetton Tigers (24 – 32)

Coaches notes

Despite not securing a win this week for our Mothers Day Round, the team exhibited formidable defense, offense and teamwork. Although it was a winnable game, our shots just didn’t want to drop, leading to our poorest shooting display so far this season. Despite the girls dedicated efforts, luck just wasn’t on our side. Nevertheless, they persevered until the final whistle, showcasing their resilience and determination.

Player of the game

Mary Taufa was our Queen of the Court this week for her offensive aggression and control of the ball while bringing it up the court.

U12 Girls White – Jemma Gartrell

Loss against Cockburn Cougars (5 – 69)

Coaches notes

We didn’t give up the whole game even though we were down by quite a lot. The girls really stepped up in the last quarter and took the game on by driving into contact to try and score the basketball.

Player of the game

Thalia Knox-Cooke – she shot the ball when she was open, which is something we have been working on, as she is a really good shooter. She was also hustling on defense and wasn’t worried about making contact when stealing the ball!

U12 Boys Black – Brad Dowd (Sponsored by: Fern Landscapes)

Won against Rockingham Flames (53 – 47)

Coaches notes

Super proud of the boys, who all played well above their years, with a massive comeback and battle to get the win in the final minutes. After being down 7 vs 17 at quarter time, the kids could have easily given up, but we settled and refocused and came out in the 2nd to flip the script and finish the quarter 12 vs 4. It became extremely physical, but the boys kept their nerve and played the game fairly to get the well deserved win. Everyone played their roles, with Cohen and Hunter really digging deep in this game.

Player of the game

Frank wins player of the game, leading the charge with strong ball handling and a great shooting display.

U12 Boys Orange – Lizzie Falconbridge

(Sponsored by: Alliance Engineering Consultants Pty Ltd)

Won against South West Slammers (74 – 25)

Coaches notes

The boys are improving week by week. This was a total team effort. Every player made an impact on the game. The defense was very good and we shared the ball on offense. If we hit all our lay-ups and limited our long pass turnovers, we would have won by more!

Player of the game

Spencer Massam was our player of the game this week. He was calm under pressure in the backcourt and was a pest on defense. His pressure in the backcourt was fantastic. Spencer also made some nice passes to set up teammates for easy buckets.

U12 Boys White – Ben Marks (Sponsored by: Joel Dixon)

Loss against Lakeside Lightning (61 – 92)

Coaches notes

A late afternoon mother’s day clash meant a slow start for the boys, committing some unforced turnovers forcing a timeout in the first 90 seconds down 8-0. After waking up from the time out, the boys showed they could match the Lightning’s intensity, gaining the lead before the end of the first quarter. Some hot shooting from our opponent led to them having a small lead at the main break. The game was being played at a frantic pace, with our full court defense locking in and some great transition passing leading to some easy scores. The game was always in reach until some costly turnovers by the boys allowed some easy scores for Lakeside who took control of the game from then on. The team never gave up, consistently playing at a high level on both ends of the court and all the focus on ball movement at training was clearly paying off during large parts of the second half. Josiah, Lucas B, Ollie, Zane and Brock really did their absolute best to disrupt their offense in the backcourt, however stopping them when they got to the basket was proving to be difficult, pulling out to a handy lead with a flurry of points to finish the game. The coaching staff just couldn’t believe that a team that played so well lost by that margin, it truly was not a reflection of the even game seen from the sidelines.

Special mention to the more even spread of scoring this week that was a result of the fantastic ball movement, paced by Zane with 15, Lucas M with 14 and Chase with his season high of 9. We are all looking forward to next weeks Suns derby with the under 12 black team.

Player of the game

Another really difficult decision and it was hard to split two players who had an equal impact on the game. This weeks players of the week are Brock Williamson And Ollie La Cava. Both Brock and Ollie showed ferocity on defense and made some outstanding decisions when pushing the ball on the break. Well deserved!

U12 Boys Blue – Declan Kinsella

Loss against Lakeside Lightning (33 – 84)

U14 Girls Black – Bruno Kongawoin

(Sponsored by: SupaFit Seat Covers Pty Ltd)

Won against East Perth Eagles (54 – 36)

Coaches notes

In spite of facing foul troubles early in the first half, our team delivered another outstanding performance, showcasing our defensive prowess with an emphasis on early ball stoppage, denying middle drives, and protecting the paint.

Despite early foul trouble, Abigail Allan made her presence felt on the court with impressive offensive moves, a testament to her dedication in practice.

Poppy Hickson showcased her agility, contributing nine points and numerous rebounds on both ends of the court, proving herself as a reliable asset for the group.

With Leah Darroch sidelined due to knee soreness, Amber Brickwood stepped up admirably, making significant contributions on both offense and defense, hinting at her potential for future success.

The backcourt duo of Benny Kuach and Neve Spry posed constant challenges for the opponents. We revel in their offensive abilities to score, contributing almost half of our scores.

I’m very pleased to see another one of our duos – Finley Edwards and Chelsea Parker continued improvement defensively and being the disruptors in our up-court ball pressure.

Offensively, we need to hold back on our turnovers and improve our decision-making to take advantage of our possession on every offensive beat up the court. Our ball handling while navigating the court is continually improving and the one-on-one match-ups on ball reversal have been incredibly rewarding for the girls. Free-throw shooting remains an area that requires urgent improvement.

Looking ahead to our next challenge against the Willetton Tigers, we will be focusing on refining our offensive strategies and reinforcing our defensive commitments.

Player of the game

Neve Spry once again was voted our player of the game this week. It is interesting to note that at training last Thursday, Neve came up to me saying that she had a fall at school and her leg hurt. I just told her “Well go over there and shoot”. I did not hear any complaints about her leg hurting during training or before the game. It goes to show how easy it is to rise above the little hicks and pains to have fun. Well, done Neve…

U14 Girls Orange – Lawrence West (Sponsored by: Genesis Craft)

Won against Warwick Senators (54 – 22)

Coaches notes

Each week our group culture gets a little stronger, and our identity as a team becomes a little clearer. We started our day by acknowledging our amazing mums who sacrifice their time (and sleep ins) so that we can do what we love, and then we went to work.

We were in control from the start, played with great spacing and patience on offense to find the right shot. Our defense was as good as I have seen from our group and we completely overwhelmed the opposition, holding them to single digit scoring in every quarter.

Our half court defense was impenetrable, communication was great and we forced low percentage shots and panic passes.

Such a great game comes with many stand out performances. We had contributions across the board, but I feel the need to shout out a couple of superstars:

Emily continued her ascent this week, top scoring with 14 points but contributing so much more: 8 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 steals and 9 (yes 9) blocks! Her defensive presence anchors us in the half court.

Steph was a tornado on defense, wreaking havoc everywhere she went. She managed 5 steals, 1 block, 7 rebounds and always willing to make the extra pass for 10 assists. Her positivity is contagious and she makes her whole team better.

Player of the game

Player of the game is split this week as I just couldn’t make a case for one over the other.

Yasmin Rammal: Yas is a competitor that wears her heart on her sleeve. Sometimes this can get her into trouble, but she has been working hard to be her best self for her team. Today I challenged her to lead both on and off the court. She was tested with early foul trouble limiting her impact on the court, she kept the energy high on the bench and celebrated the success of her teammates. When she fouled out in the 3rd quarter she took it in her stride and kept the vibe positive. This is the kind of leader that Yas is capable of being and it was fantastic to see her reaching her potential. Keep it up superstar!

Isobel Wood: This may well have been Bel’s best game to date. It’s clear that Bel has been putting in work, listening to feedback and applying it. She scored 13 points, went 88% (7/8) from the line, 5 rebounds, 11 assists, 3 steals and 1 block. Her decision making was next level and I had to re-watch a couple of plays to decide if she was that smart or just lucky (turns out… not luck!). Her basketball IQ and relentless work ethic will see her achieve great things one day. I feel privileged to have a court side view.

U14 Girls White (Rick Anderson)

Won against Lakeside Lightning (47 – 23)

U14 Girls Blue – Shannon Trew

(Sponsored by: Newtrend IT Specialists Pty Ltd)

Loss against Perry Lakes Hawks (28 – 46)

Coaches notes

Another slow start to the game for the girls in offence, but this time around our defense leaked early points and it quickly got out to a 10 point margin at quarter time.

2nd quarter was alot tighter and the quarter went goal for goal until Perry Lakes got a couple late scores to have a 13 point half time lead.

3rd and 4th went much the same as the 2nd quarter and the contest was very even. The girls were very unlucky to not have scored more points.

As the game went on, our defense got better and there was a lot more energy and effort at both ends of the court. Late in the game decision making and over dribbling cost us dearly today.

Player of the game

Indigo “Pocket Rocket” Anderson was rewarded with a starting 5 spot because of her great work at training this week and she didn’t disappoint. Indigo was outstanding today in offence and defense. A huge effort to get in front of her opponent in defense and decision making was a lot quicker and smoother in offence. Indigo set the tone early with 4 of our first 6 points and lifted her team to work hard. Keep up the great training and more opportunities on the court will come.

U14 Boys Black – Adrian Mok (Sponsored by: SWISH Plan Management)

Loss against Perry Lakes Hawks (40 – 62)

Coaches notes

Despite the loss extremely proud of the boys today. After a lack-lustre start they managed to pick it up and really show what they are capable of. In the 3rd they really set the bench mark for what they can do competing with one of the best sides in this competition. They’ve now set the bench mark it’s only upwards from here. Fire up boys

Player of the game

Cooper Hart was a major for us bringing energy on both ends of the floor. Taking and making good shots, getting his team mates involved and playing solid defense he did an awesome job. Congrats Coop.

U14 Boys Orange – Patrick Massam (Sponsored by: Pacific Automation Pty Ltd)

Loss against Joondalup Wolves (52- 82)

Coaches notes

We had a very tough loss on the road this week. With only two players to rotate on the bench facing a very athletic and predominantly top age wolves team, the boys had their work cut out for them.

Through a game like this the team has taken away some great lessons, one being that they aren’t in U12s anymore and that U14s introduces another level of the “mental” game. I was so impressed that even in the face of this type of behaviour on the court, they still played with the intensity asked of them.

The second lesson is that this group knows they can compete with this division and are eager to face these challenges, I’m looking forward to seeing the energy brought at training to nail in what we need to do as a team in the games to come.

Player of the game

Brodie Sims, in a game with not many substitutions it was great to have all your effort on the court! Regularly closing out on the three point shooter and hustling back under the rim once the shot was up. Great work!

U14 Boys White – Joel Warner

Won against Rockingham Flames (82 – 51)

Coaches notes

Our second home game of the season was, so far, our best game. Although we missed some in-quarter goals throughout the game, it was the second time in the season that we won four quarters. We had a very clear game plan this week, having had the luxury of planning for this game, after our tough game against the other Rockingham opponent (Rockingham Red) last week. We were beaten in some areas last week and we addressed those this week. Our third quarter was outstanding, giving us an important buffer on the scoreboard and getting everyone important minutes. The most exciting part of the game from a coaching perspective was the scoring spread. We again had all players feature in the scoring, and quite often had all five players getting multiple touches on our offensive possessions. Several players should be credited with buying into the system we’ve developed, namely Phoenix who had a big impact without a big scoring afternoon, Mathew for his unselfish ball distribution, Callum for being organised on both ends of the court and bringing composure when dribbling out of the backcourt. Billy communicated with his Team-mates all game and ensured we were organised correctly on the defensive end. This positive performance now sets the benchmark of how I expect we will play for the remainder of the season. Well done Suns White, every player did something they should reflect on and know they are valuable to the performance of the Team.

Player of the game

A difficult choice this week as several players were in the running. Billy broke into the starting unit two weeks ago and hasn’t left. Mathew is on a rapid learning curve and is contributing in several ways, having also started each week. Sam, is yet to start but warranted a starting spot after weeks and weeks of effort at practice. I’d like to acknowledge Billy for his strong communication and leadership this week, Mathew for his unselfish play and reward Sam with player of the round, as he put together a well-rounded performance. Sam had several deflections, created jump balls, had a few steals, and assists and finished the game with 12 points. Quite importantly, there was a handful of shots he passed up to find a Team-mate, rather than shoot himself. Time and time again we see players shoot when they are playing well, just to get the extra stats, but Sam is laser focused on Team success, rather than individual success. This week he passed up good shots so someone else could shoot a great shot. Sam always plays within the system and at times isn’t rewarded for being in the right spots as the ball hasn’t ultimately found him. This week he was rewarded for his correct spacing and off-ball movement and his Team-mates facilitated well. Systems always beat Superstars and that is how we will find our success as a Team this season. Well done Sam for sticking with it, your resilience is paying off.

U14 Boys Blue – Yi Gan (Sponsored by: Excess Power Equipment)

Won against Rockingham Flames (55 – 39)

Coaches notes

Generally after a loss from the previous week, the training session held is relentless. I have high expectations from the boys and this week’s training session really was that intense that when time was up the boys didn’t even realise the session was over.

With that in mind, we wanted to do everything that we didn’t do right from last week, that was coming out with absolutely 1000% defense intensity led by Kobe Gan’s continuation from last week.
Kobe having been sick all week, the rest of the team from 1-9, all came out firing on all cylinders on the defensive end and not once did we stop. The entire game was all about defense, steals, forced turnovers.

Our offensive structure looked solid with one single scheme which we ran over and over and over on Thursday, and to be honest I wasn’t sure how they would go, but I’d say they ran it as well as any 11-13 yr old’s could. Super proud of that, and expect to run this over and over for the first half of the season.

Adam Matthews – really is taking this WABL chance seriously, the focus, the determination and the punishment his body is taking is something to admire for a kid that has been waiting so long for his chance.

Atticus – once again led us offensively first, and was very solid at intercepting any passes coming over head.

Noah – took a major hit today to the shin, something we will do is monitor his ankle and shin this week and consider him taking a break for a week just to fully recover, you cannot fault this kid.

Our 3 top ages right now are playing desperate, like their season and preparing for their chance to be selected next season in U16 and I tell you what, right now they are absolutely gunning it on both ends.

To my bottom ages, I have been relentless now for a month hounding and pushing Isaac Tan & Christian Gomez to shake off the tag of softness and lack of physicality on both ends of the court, and to up their level on the defense. And Wow…. to their credit, they finally started embracing some pain! Isaac Tan without a doubt had his best game defensively, which led to his offensive game coming along. At least 4 steals and forced turnovers, just by being face up to his defenders and putting his hand up and out and getting physical.

Overall, the player of the game for us this week, is based on this players progression and growth from last week to this week.

Christian had his moments of being aggressive on offense and defense. There were moments of panic and moments of understanding and making the right decision. His attention to detail and awareness, is his next step by the middle of the season.

Isaac F/ Kobe/ Chandler/ Lukas – all had a solid game, and understood what was expected. I’m looking forward to week 8 of the season as by then, the team should have a better identity as well as understanding their roles on the team.

A shout out to the ref, amazing 2 juniors and their good performance was duly noted and encouraged by our coaching group.

Happy Mothers Day Ya’ll.

Player of the game

Isaac Tan – this kid….. I have been so hard on him.. I know sometimes people say don’t be too hard, don’t set too higher expectations. But I’ve always seen his potential as a shooter. The challenge for him on defense has taken over a month of probably being the hardest teacher he’s ever had, but Wow! He showed up today with zero care for pain, and the sweat dripping off him would have filled a bath tub. Thoroughly deserved the player of the game for breaking through that wall of fear of pain and contact.

U16 Girls Black – Shannon Trew

Won against Willetton Tigers (66 – 44)

Coaches notes

The first quarter was very tight and both teams were working each other out and trying to find holes in the other teams defense. The girls took a while to get into the flow but early strong rebounds took away any 2nd chances for Willetton.

The 2nd quarter started well but some early fouls meant we had to make changes to our rotations and players spent longer on the court than normal. A couple time-outs kept us being able to recharge and refocus. The girls really worked hard to keep the scores tight going into half time.

The 3rd quarter was Impressive, with the girls really tightening up defense causing 3 shot clock violations to Willetton. Plus with interceptions and strong rebounds let us play our fast paced game and get the lead out to 12 points at 3 quarter time.

The 4th quarter was probably our best quarter of basketball together as a team and we blew the game right out quickly which let us get some valuable minutes into every player.

Asha was strong in defense and grabbed 6-8 rebounds which gave us lots of transition points, plus she found gaps in the Willetton defense to get 6 crucial points.

Kaia and Pene were clinical in offence and defense and got 40 points between them plus many stops in defense.

Isla again lead for her team mates.

Player of the game

Imogen Buckley lit up the court on both ends with her speed and determination to get stops in defense and find her team mates in offence with great passes and drive and dishes. Imogen was a smiling assassin today and she loved every minute on the court. This was Imogen’s best balanced game she has had at the Suns.

U16 Girls Orange – Andrew Herbert

Loss against East Perth Eagles (48 – 58)

Coaches notes

I was really happy with the ladies this week. For us it all starts at training. With a shout out to Ashlyn Shields coming into our training group over the past couple of weeks, it’s been great to have additional numbers at training whilst we have players out injured, and look forward to the rest of the season with her.
So this week was great to have Heidi & Jenniquah suit up, as we had 3 out with injury or sickness.
I was really happy with how we competed at both ends and stuck to the game plan.
Congratulations to Jenniquah Shadforth-Cox on her WABL debut assisting the team scoring with 7pts.

Player of the game

This week’s player of the round goes to a lady who gives 110% every time she is on the floor. Crashing the board, battling for a loose ball or diving on it. This lady leads by example executing or doing the dirty work at both ends of the floor. A solid effort leading the team in scoring this week with 10pts. Congratulations Matilda Little!

U16 Girls White – Daniel Heyman

Loss against Perth Redbacks (25 – 83)

Coaches notes

In another tough week, we showed moments of grit and determination. With greater desire and a more team focused approach, we look to improve on round 5.

We will build towards our first win by competing harder at training this week. Our growth mindset and hard-work will see us develop.

Player of the game

Macee Rothnie: Macee showed poise and determination, executing her trademark intelligent play and control. Congratulations on a well-rounded game, in which you contributed in a range of areas that don’t show up on the stats sheet.

U16 Boys Black – Declan Kinsella

(Sponsored by: Angus Flexible Pipelines Australia Pty Ltd)

Loss against Lakeside Lightning (57 – 69)

U16 Boys Orange – Hayden Bird

Won against South West Slammers (112 – 73)

Coaches notes

This week we really were showing our capabilities with a team orientated offence, the ball movement has been a major improvement and this game definitely showed it!

Our pressure on the inbounds from all players was a highlight, turning nearly every steal into a bucket!

Player of the game

Luqman Rais: Luqman really showed out this past weekend. As soon as he stepped on the court he had found his groove, making some tough and smart drives, to good ball pressure on defense!

U16 Boys White – Thor Amundsen

Loss against Hills Raiders (80 – 83)

Coaches notes

A tight contest against our Hills rivals with the outcome swinging in Raiders favour. It was a see-sawing game with several lead changes, but unfortunately we couldn’t close when it mattered.

Player of the game

Mauric Rey Paraguya had his best game of the year with a big performance playing at the 5. Mauri scored a season high 10pts on 83% efficiency.

U16 Boys Blue – Derek Quayle

Loss against Cockburn Cougars (47 – 135)

Coaches notes

Another really tough day where our opposition played a really strong full court press. There were many times during this game where we were not running our press break or trying to dribble through 2 or 3 players. This is always going to make it tough and due to this, we gave up a lot of points on turnovers.

When we actually passed the ball and ran our press break, we were able to put them under good pressure in offence.

There were some good moments where we ran our offence and got some great looks/shots. We need to work on this some more and continue to improve this area of our game.

Defensively we really need to use our voice and work hard in every moment.

Jacob and Ronron lead the scoring for us with 15 points each, Sandrae put in some good efforts defensively and also scored 8 points.

Player of the game

Jacob gets the player of the game this week for having to play a lot of minutes due to being the only big man available to play. 15 points and lots of rebounds was a big effort.

U18 Girls Black – Rick Batista

Won against Joondalup Wolves (74 – 54)

Coaches notes

We were really challenged this week. Our league leading scorer Amber and her front court partner Hannah were missing, and our girls were short of numbers. We debuted our new DP, and our bench consisted of a first gamer a second gamer and 4th gamer. We had our work cut out but we stuck to the task so well. Lily was a competitive beast despite a game long double team and having her head taken off in two unsportsmanlike fouls, she persevered for 31 points. Sienna was wonderful with 21 and so many strong rebounds. Ana had a triple double in points, rebounds and STEALS!!!. Bella scored her first WABL points and was so so good with her rebounds and hustle. The rest of the team did their jobs very well.

Player of the game

This week we decided Sienna was player of the game making some really important early buckets that put us on the right track. Sienna did a little of everything, it was the game required from one of our senior players that just did what it took to win. Well done Sienna

U18 Girls Orange – Charlie Smart (Sponsored by: Parker Crofts & Co)

Loss against Lakeside Lightning (54 – 73)

Coaches notes

As well as missing a few key players, Lakeside took full advantage of Suns very slow, messy and scrappy first quarter, seeing them pull away and taking a substantial lead. After a reset and refocus our guards stepped up and led the charge, displaying incredible hustle in defense and unmatched speed down the court, assisting us contain and win the next few quarters. This was arguably the best teamwork we have seen from everyone so far.
After sustaining a serious injury during Grading we proudly saw the return of Claire to the court and although carefully monitored and minutes limited, her presence on court hugely impacted the team and everyone lifted around her. A special shout out to Caitlyn who was everywhere, she has one speed on the court which saw her fly through Lakesides defensive traps with ease and she fought to secure extremely important rebounds both ends of the court.

Player of the game

I was unable to separate Heidi and Lisa this week. They were both a massive presence both ends of the court. Their lock down defense forced turnovers and their speed up the court secured some invaluable comeback points. Although exhausted, they kept going 100% until the final whistle.

U18 Boys Black – Cooper Lowe (Sponsored by: Silverstone)

Won against Perry Lakes Hawks (88 – 81)

Coaches notes

A great team win, on an early morning game at Bendat. The boys set the tone on the defensive end, which allowed everyone to contribute on the scoreboard.

Player of the game

Marley Sam, after making his NBL1 debut the night before, he comes out and leads our defense from the jump, and also was able to have himself 30 points. Congrats on a great weekend Marley!

U18 Boys Orange – Brad Dowd (Sponsored by: GJ Demo Pty Ltd)

Won against Eastern Suns (104 – 74)

Coaches notes

We started strong with a nice lead in the first quarter, but the next 2 were a bit of a battle. The boys worked hard to try and get our offences going and defense was great at times. We gave up too many 3 pointers, allowing them to stay in the game. We refocused at 3 quarter time which saw the boys come out strong in the 4th and take the game over. Jarron played a strong game finishing with 8 rebounds and 16 points and Deacon continued his form with 13 points and 7 rebounds and 2 assists. Zakk came off the bench strongly to alter to tempo with a couple of quick 3’s.

Player of the game

Tom H wins player of the game for a strong performance, with a massive 15 rebounds and 24 points.

U18 Boys White – Rae D’Sylva

Loss against Eastern Suns (74 – 104)

Coaches notes

This week was a another week where we showed good signs of improvement in offence and defense for most of the game. The boys only had 8 players with one of our bigs going down with covid, but put up a great effort on what we are trying to achieve.

Player of the game

Taythan donoghue is this week’s player of the round. Taythan was our only big with kye going down with covid and he did a great job. Taythan’s 4th game and he is improving week to week.

U18 Boys Blue – Bailey Ferguson (Sponsored by: Amy Jacobson Pty Ltd)

Loss against Lakeside Lightning (98 -108)

U20 Boys Black – Lochy Brown

Won against Joondalup Wolves (93 – 86)

Coaches notes

With one of our top scorers out, it was going to be interesting who stepped up to fill that need. The answer was everyone, once again buying into team basketball we showed another dominant performance on offence.

A 9 point fourth quarter soured that view but looking at the big picture, the lads should be very happy with themselves. A bit of struggle late against pressure gives us something to work on looking on to next week.

Player of the game

Ryan Coutts- having to step up and play our undersized 5th man against a team with 3 solid bigs, was a big ask. Ryan stepped up to the plate putting them under pressure on both sides of the floor.

U21 Girls Black – Lizel Buckley

Loss against East Perth Eagles (52 – 97)