WABL Wrap Week 13 – 23/07/23

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Players of the round:

Caedan Lodewyke (U16 Boys) – This weeks player of the game is Caedan Lodewyke. Caedan showed true determination in defence with multiple sprint efforts and was instrumental in keeping the intensity in our attack on the basket at a crucial point in the game. Well done mate!

Kiahna Pomponio (U18 Girls) – Kiahna Pomponio: has the award this week for working the whole game, never quitting, committing to defence and being a steady hand on offence.

U12 Girls Black (Lawrence West)

Loss against Perry Lakes Hawkes (49 – 64)

Coaches notes

This week we had stretches where we were by far the better team, and then periods where we just couldn’t stay connected. When we were switched on we were electric, erasing the Hawks double digit lead in the last 90 seconds of the 1st half.
Unfortunately we kept allowing them to pull away after every comeback, then foul trouble late in the game sealed our fate. We need to understand the importance of rebounding and gaining extra possessions for our team if we want to be successful.
On the positive side we are getting more confident to score as a group, with multiple shot attempts from every player and almost all players hitting the scoreboard. As our depth grows we will better be able to navigate foul trouble and remain an effective scoring threat.

Player of the game

Taneika Lewis – T played to her potential this week on both sides of the ball. Not only did she lead us in scoring shooting an efficient 57% and shooting 6/10 from the foul line, but she also recorded 8 assists, 8 steals and caused havoc with her pressure on-ball defense, getting multiple deflections and causing several turnovers. T has an extra level and it’s a joy to watch her go to work, teams simply have no answer for her when she goes beast mode – Nice work T!

U12 Girls Orange (Lizzie Falconbridge)

Won against Warwick Senators (38 – 16)

Coaches notes

Super impressed with the girls in general, Everybody is stepping up and all are putting in 100%. Our 1, 2, and 3 players were exceptional, they controlled ball, and made lots of steals. Our 4 and 5 players were amazing at shutting it down. That’s what’s winning the games.

Nearly everyone got shots this week due to our teamwork and passing. We made amazing passes and most players had their eyes up, looking for the best pass

In addition, our foul count is getting lower every week. I was impressed with our players in the last quarter who kept Warwicks scoring to zero.

Encouragement from the stands was excellent in supporting both teams.

Player of the game

Rejoice Tap – Had a wicked game, and was much more centered. It was the best team game she’s played. She was strong, and her shots were amazing when using the backboard. We can’t win without great team work and setting up plays.

U12 Girls White (Bruno Kongawoin)

Won against Perth Redbacks (44 – 33)

Coaches notes

A well deserved win against ladder leader Perth Redbacks Red. In our first encounter where we were leading by 12 points at half time and ended up losing by 7. Our girls turned the script around trailing by 8 points at half time to win by 11. This massive result was the product of the commitment the girls made to themselves during the school holidays to undertake extra training sessions.

We had many calls against us during the course of the first that impeded our cohesion but regrouped in the second half full of determination to take care of the ball offensively and to ramp up our defense intensity.

Player of the game

Imogen Chambers – was outstanding attacking the basket as instructed with her nice crossovers and helping bring the ball up the court while providing some needed baskets bagging valuable points.

U12 Boys Black (Lizzie Falconbridge)

Won against South West Slammers (65 – 33)

U12 Boys Orange (Tim Hart)

Won against Perth Redbacks (61 – 58)

Coaches notes

Both teams were hungry for a win this week. Last time we played Redbacks the steal count was 20 (Suns) to 42 (Redbacks), providing Redbacks with at least 22 more possessions on steals. The high steal count came from their double-team on the ball in the back court. We have focused on decision-making in the back court as well as improving our ability to handle pressure on the ball @ training. It was pleasing to see this area of our game improve against an opponent which has likely continued to work on their back-court press [total steals this game were: 17 (Suns) to 23 (Redbacks)]. Zane and Dante: well done finding and dribbling into space when no kick-ahead pass was available.

In the front-court we have been working on increasing our spacing between players, so we can be more effective with our cuts into the keyway, and find higher-percentage scoring options. That may have helped us obtain a season-high shot percentage (43.5%) in this game.

We saw a strong defensive effort this week from Kade, Declan, Zane, Dante and Cohen – you all effectively closed out, pressured the ball, and maintained good positioning when your player was on the weakside. Alex and Declan had top assists (4 and 3). On scoring, Zane, Kade, Alex and Dante had 9+ points each, with 3 shooting over 50%.

Player of the game

Cohen wins for this round, as he continues with his tenacious defence, smashing it on the boards (14 rebounds). Cohen boxed out well for foul shots, he picked up top steals, top deflections and top defensive jump-balls.

U12 Boys White (Patrick Massam)

Loss against Cockburn Cougars (33 – 42)

Coaches notes

Well, there is no place like home, and it was great to be hosting the Cougars at the Furnace, on a sunny winter Sunday.

This was really our first game that the team were consistent as smooth peanut butter for the majority of the game. The boys ran the style of both defence & offence we have been working on at training for many weeks.

The holidays had been shaken free and we started the game with good energy. Player and ball movement was they key to enabling better shooting and also forcing the Cougars into foul trouble, as they scrambled to contain the Suns like a blind chicken looking for corn.

While Ollie was building walls on the ground, Austin “not in my house” Berkhout hosted a block party, with great defense of the air above. I lost count after 10+ blocks. All the boys showed great commitment to defence and were clever in the way they executed pressure on the ball without fouling.

The Cougars who had previously clocked up scores of 56 & 62 in our last two encounters know how to play and beat us with patience and good ball movement. Their coach had mentioned after the game it was a lot tougher than he was expecting.

We have selected two players to receive Player of the Match, with Spencer Massam pushing the ball up the floor and splashing 3 triples for 14 pts. I was almost surprised we did not see the Steph Curry shoulder shake (Don’t you dare Spence!!). Three triples in a game, more than most teams score in a season at this level. And Austin “not in my house” Berkhout for strong defence, but also his work rebounding and attacks on the basket.

Henry was a late call up but unfortunately had not worn his “lucky’ socks, but Team Manager of the Year Shelbie Owen thankfully had hers and was able to gift Henry her own lucky pair. What a team

Overall,all the boys stepped up and maintained a higher standard of play and showed that they are developing each game individually and as a team.

It was great to see the team get around Tom at the end to celebrate his Birthday, they are really building some great friendships with each other.

Get well Zac & Nick, look forward to seeing you both back out on the court.
We are on tour again next week as we head down to Mandurah to take on the Magic.

Player of the game

We have selected two players to receive Player of the Match, with Spencer Massam pushing the ball up the floor and splashing 3 triples for 14 pts. And Austin “not in my house” Berkhout for strong defence, but also his work rebounding and attacks on the basket.

U12 Boys Blue (Dave Yan)

Won against Mandurah Magic (48 – 47)

Coaches notes

Our boys travelled to Mandurah for a top of the table clash. After taking out the wolves the previous week who were top, coming into this game the boys jumped out to a 22-5 first qrt lead, however the game then turned.

Mandurah came back to take the lead in the last qrt by 5 points.

What the boys did then was tremendous, Austin with some timely steals, Kobe put his body on the line numerous times before sinking the winning bucket extending the lead to 3 with 30 seconds remaining.

Our boys now have faced two top oppositions both aways, both games the whistle was against us.. and to come away with last weeks 18 point win against the Wolves and 1 point win against Mandurah, really does show how far as a collective group they’ve progressed.

Brodie and Rylan both fouled out with almost a full qrt left, and seeing the next number called up and giving the same amount of quality defense and offense is one of the most satisfying moments for us.

A special mention to Declan, who was solid throughout giving us timely buckets as well as great rebounds. It’s hard to pin point who deserves the award as all boys deserved it today.

Player of the game

Coach Jarrod nominated Kobe Gan for player of the round. After getting knocked around throughout the game, Kobe came out after an injury timeout to sink 1/2 FT, stole the ball, and dived for a ball that should not have been his along with hitting the final bucket to give the boys a 3 point buffer. It was a rough game for him physically and he deserved this award today.

U14 Girls Black (Andrew Herbert)

Loss against Joondalup Wolves (36 – 52)

Coaches notes

This was a game that we definitely run out of time but in the end we were out shot by a solid Wolves team. With neither team finding their shots early we continued to have problems with early foul trouble which continued throughout the game.
This was a good game to show we need to be more disciplined in both offence and defence plus in warmups and on the bench. Adjustments will be made and these ladies will bounce back strongly.

Some notable numbers from this game were:
*Holly Marsh – 5Reb – 1St – 11Pts
*Carmen Woods – 8Reb – 2As – 6Pts
*Charli Hill – 9Reb – 4Pts
*Charlotte Herbert – 9Reb-2St-4Blk-14Pts

Player of the game

Player of the round this week goes to Jade Roulston. Jade played an important role being able to get some crucial rebounds, pulling in 5 for the game, Jade was walling up well and was able to keep out of foul trouble. Jade dished out a couple of nice assists to open teammates. It was also pleasing seeing Jade diving on loose balls, which she always does weekly when they’re there for the taking. Keep working hard Jade!

U14 Girls Orange (Adam Brickwood)

Won against Eastern Suns (41 – 31)

Coaches notes

Now we are heading into the back end of the season and with both teams in a log jam in the middle of the ladder, we knew Suns White were going to come out and compete hard.

The first half was tightly contested as each team made it’s run, the other was able to reign momentum back. Both teams applied great pressure in the backcourt making each offensive possession a team effort to get the ball up the court.

Led by Maddie (15 points) and Amber (11 points) our team’s shot selection was a highlight for me as our willingness to move the ball to the open teammate has developed nicely over the course of the season.
Suns White maintained great pressure right through to the final siren but our execution and composure down the stretch was ultimately the difference in the game.

Player of the game

Matilda Little – Her defensive talents were on display with her ability to shut down driving lanes and follow it up with cleaning the boards. Offensively we were able to continually go to her down the stretch and she made the right play time and time again.

U14 Girls White(Daniel Heyman)

Loss against Eastern Suns (31 – 41)

U14 Girls Blue (Tamara Reeves)

Won against Mandurah Magic (63 – 28)

Coaches notes

Our first quarter was great, we only let Mandurah score a total of 2 points while scoring 19 ourselves. The defensive intent and hunger was admirable, while on the offensive end there were many nice assists. This gave us a lead of 17 points which set us up for the rest of the game to win by 35 points. The first time we versed this team we only won by 18 points; improvement! The girls always look great on the court when they play together, help each other out and pass around.

Player of the game

Grace Danzo- Grace put a lot of effort in and tried really hard this week, having one of her best games. Grace caused the other team to turn the ball over, got rebounds and dribbled the ball safely up the court. She had a really positive attitude and listened to what was asked of her and went out on the court and did exactly that. Keep it up!

U14 Boys Black (Shannon Trew)

Loss against Warwick Senators (53 – 65)

Coaches notes

We were struck a blow before the game started with Bailey Ryan a late out with hamstring tightness.
This meant that there was a heavy reliance on others to step up in his absence.
The boys battled hard for three quarters before Warwick got away from us in the last.
Aiden was welcomed back after a few games out. He battled hard and showed a big heart.
Dane also played above his size and hit the scoreboard.
A big training session ahead of us on Thursday, time to reset and plan for the last 5 games.

Player of the game

Tanz Edgar led from the front. He was the general on court and attacked when the opportunity presented. He crashed the boards in a game when we were soundly beaten in rebounding.

U14 Boys Orange (Adrian Mok)

Loss against Willetton Tigers (32 – 81)

U14 Boys White (Joel Warner)

Loss against East Perth Eagles (57 – 63)

Coaches notes

One positive is that we had our best second quarter of the year, holding East Perth to only 5 points. We specifically practiced variations of our traps at practice to disrupt them, and it paid off. We (again) won half a game of basketball against a very good Team (the second best in our division). This loss really hurt because there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we can beat Teams like this. We need to remain consistent, focused and disciplined, and then the results will come. It was predictable that we carried a lead into half time, because we weren’t fouling, we started to win the half court battle in offense, and we were highly disruptive with three different defensive traps. But in the second half, we began to foul, lost our focus, leaked points in transition and showed our frustration with some immature play and too many turnovers. One of their players put up 27 points and was just a dominant player on the day. Despite clear schemes to counter him, we didn’t follow the strategy in place to front him in the post and as a result, we didn’t find the recipe to stop his dominance. Further, our free throw shooting was not at an acceptable standard, which contributed to us missing out on easy points.

With all that in mind, perspective is important. We are getting better. Our understanding of the game continues to improve, and we are challenging the really good Teams and I don’t think we have put our best together yet. On Tuesday, there will be a large focus on skills. Our concepts are sinking in, we have effective defenses and offenses, however our skills are at times letting us down. So… back to practice and find ways to get better.

Player of the game

After our game review, Coach James and I have decided to hold off on a player of the round this week. That’s not to say that we didn’t have good players this week, because we did. It’s more a reflection that we didn’t have one stand-out player. There were honest scoring contributions from Kade, Peter, Asten and Elisha but no one player took the game by the scruff of the neck and dragged us over the line, whether that be through inspirational defence or something at the offensive end. There were opportunities presented, but we couldn’t quite get there. My message to the Team this week is that when we find ourselves in this position again (and we will) in a tight contest, game on the line… we need to have learned from this experience. We need to find the courage to take that shot, to win that loose ball, to take a charge, to set a good screen, to box out, to use a loud voice and show leadership. No one on this Team will ever be scrutinised for playing the right way, even if that action doesn’t win us a game of basketball. Having the courage when the pressure is on is the important part.

U14 Boys Blue (Hayden Bird)

Won against Perry Lakes Hawkes (70 – 55)

U16 Girls Black (Charlie Smart)

Loss against Cockburn Cougars (43 – 73)

Coaches notes

The team endured one of those games this week, where unfortunately everything that could go wrong did. Credit to the girls who never stopped fighting and were able to dig deep, find the fun and still enjoy the last part of the game regardless of the scoreboard. Special shout out to Asha who impacted the game with her scoring and rebounding prowess throughout.

Player of the game

Elissa – Celebrating her 100th game in style, Elissa shook off her initial nerves and as the game went on we saw her confidence grow. Elissa was on a mission in defence hunting the ball and pressuring Cougars forcing them into making an extra pass or turning the ball over. She worked hard to maneuver into great positions to execute our offensive sets and finally proving to herself that her scoring ability is equal to anyone, securing her highest points of the season so far. Congratulations Elissa!

U16 Girls Orange (Shannon Trew)

Won against Warwick Senators (67 – 52)

Coaches notes

The girls started strong in the first quarter but let the Warwick girls finish stronger holding a 4 point lead.
The second quarter was all pressure from the girls with multiple turn overs and holding Warwick to only 9 points while putting up 18 points to hold a good lead at halftime.
The second half the girl’s continued to keep the pressure on with a full court press that lead to multiple turn overs. Winning the third by 2 points and the last quarter by 7.
Some notable performances from Chelsea with 18pts, Harper with 16, Mia with 13 and Charlie with 10. On the defensive side Heidi was superb at the middle of the press causing havoc with her pressure leading to plenty of turn overs and interceptions.

Player of the game

The player of the round this week was Chelsea who top scored with 18 pts, a bucket load of rebounds, blocks and interceptions she had a hand in everything throughout the game.

U16 Boys Black (Brad Dowd)

Won against South West Slammers (63 – 60)

Coaches notes

3 wins in a row, so proud of these boys for their persistence considering the slow start to the season we have had. Everyone continues to improve, putting these guys in a great spot for next year.

The teamwork is getting better every game and hopefully we can keep the momentum going from here on. I am still seeking more assists from the team, only managing 6 assist this game (14 assists last week though) and we do need to work harder on rebounds consistently as well, only managing 20 rebounds for the game (we had 32 last game).

Jarron and Leslie continued to lead the team with Jarron finishing with 20 points, 8 rebounds and 3 steals and Leslie 19 points, 1 rebound, 1 assists and 2 steals.

Player of the game

Justin Morgan wins Player of the Round this week finishing with 15 points, 3 assists and 5 steals. Justin is actively working on adjusting his style of play, to become an all round player and not just a scoring threat. Keep it up Justin!

U16 Boys Orange (Rob Rees)

Won against South West Slammers (70 – 52)

Coaches notes

The positive was we won, even though we didn’t play well, we managed to grind the win out.

Player of the game

Julian Richardson, Julian played well and was well supported by his team mates.

U16 Boys White (Jordon Macpherson)

Won against Willetton Tigers (70 – 59)

Coaches notes

Well, another step in the right direction. Cleaning up our transition defence from last week plus we were much more active in general, in defence.
On the offensive end, we did well at moving the ball and had our second best statistical game for assists with 11. Only beaten by the last time we played Willetton when we had 13 assists. As John, our team statistician mentioned, we missed out on 5 more assists from missed shots. To round it out we also had the least amount of turnovers for our team this season. A great display of team work really showcasing how well these boys work together. Well done guys.
Shout out to Jaxon, Lionel and Milan combining for 53pts.
Again, I am amazed at how well Logan is slotting into the team.
Everyone had each others back and it’s great to watch.

Player of the game

This weeks player of the game is Caedan Lodewyke. Caedan showed true determination in defence with multiple sprint efforts and was instrumental in keeping the intensity in our attack on the basket at a crucial point in the game. Well done mate!

U16 Boys Blue (Luke Poyner)

Loss against Warwick Senators (46 – 114)

Coaches notes

The boys played a tough game against an in-form top of ladder opponent today. We came out with a game plan and strategy to address both their offensive and defensive game play and we applied much of this to good effect. We were unfortunately unable to effectively capitalise on the times we beat their press and convert a basket.
The boys showed that we were able to apply a game strategy and effectively operate it through the game which is a great positive takeaway from this game. A big shoutout to Mitch Mandusic who played a fantastic game and tied for second top team scorer this week. Great work Mitch!

Player of the game

Ethan Allen worked hard for the whole game and played with great hustle. Ethan and the team found their scoring mojo in the final quarter of the game to score much more freely than other quarters. Ethan top scored with 15 points.

U18 Girls Black (Travis Linaker)

Loss against Perry Lakes Hawkes (37 – 98)

Coaches notes

Thanks to Dyson Lowe who stepped in to coach this week for an injured Travis in what was always going to be a tough game against the the second top team. These games hurt but they are about the grind, the process, determination and team work, they highlight character and resilience which are both critical in competitive sport particularly when things do not go to plan. Hopefully we can shake this one off and get stuck back into it at training this week.

Player of the game

Kiahna Pomponio has the award this week for working the whole game, never quitting, committing to defence and being a steady hand on offence.

U18 Girls Orange (Ric Batista)


U18 Boys Black (Lachie Riley / Angus Hywood)

Loss against Perry Lakes Hawkes (86 – 117)

U18 Boys Orange (Brad Coutts)

Won against Willetton Tigers (65 – 53)

Coaches notes

First round loss by 22 points then turned it around for a 12 point win second round. Have now gone 3-1 in the second round and the boys are really starting to play as a team. Challenged in the second half where Willetton got the lead and just kept playing defense, crashing boards and playing our game.

Player of the game

Xander Ugle – Defensively all over Willetton in the first quarter where we got out by 12 points. Eusaint Espanola – knocked down several shots to keep our momentum going throughout the game.

U18 Boys White (Rae D’Sylva)

Loss against Mandurah Magic (60 – 65)

Coaches notes

We played well in patches of the game and limited the oppositions scoring.

Player of the game

Jayden McClure. Jayden was incredible on defence with his hustle and was a monster on the boards for us this week.

U18 Boys Blue (Tyron Neill)

Won against Perth Redbacks (82 -77)

Coaches notes

Teamwork and 4 quarter fitness has done it for the boys again. When they work together and grind away at the opposition is when they’re at their best.

Player of the game

Aidan Thompson – I knew there was something special about this kid from trials when I saw him throw himself into the ball crate trying to save a ball from going out of bounds. He goes from strength to strength each game and that desperation for the ball is more evident then ever. His willingness to play the team game for the win coupled with his hunger for points, boards and team possession in general, has seen him as a big force to be reckoned with amongst the division.

U20 Boys Black (Lochy Brown)

Won against Lakeside Lightning (87 – 63)

U20 Boys Orange (Cooper Lowe)

Loss against Perry Lakes Hawkes (55 – 76)