WABL Wrap Week 10 – 23/06/24

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Players of the round:

Eilish Dilley  (U12 Girls) – Our Queen of the Court this week is Eilish Dilley, who showed exceptional strength and determination in a very physical game, consistently playing her best and working hard every week.

Joshua Mahama (U16 Boys) –  Josh’s on court output has been more understated this year, being great with the 1%ers, and in my estimation has been the best defender in our division. This week marked a return to big scoring for Josh, finishing the game with 28 points, adding on 4 triples, while keeping our divisions second top scorer to just 9 points. Josh’s performance this week has been a testament to the hard work he has put in this year.

U12 Girls Black – Lawrence West (Sponsored by: KTrans)

Won against Rockingham Flames (35 – 30)

Coaches notes

Last time we faced Rockingham a slow start came back to haunt us and we ended up losing by 5 points in OT. This week the girls came out firing, scoring quickly and playing some fantastic pressure defense, allowing us to build a small lead by half time. Rockingham certainly weren’t going away and by the end of the third quarter had taken the lead.

Late in the fourth quarter we were down by 4 and things weren’t looking great, but some excellent spacing and decision making saw us score 5 points in back to back possessions to take a 1 point lead and an immediate time out by Rockingham.

It felt like history was repeating however we were able to capitalise on a missed shot with a timely rebound and quick outlet pass to add another 2 points to the lead. The girls applied some fantastic pressure defense to force a turnover and another quick score sealed the win.

Looking at our numbers it is pleasing to see improvement almost across the board from our last meeting with Rockingham. Our passing was particularly good and our defensive spacing much better. We are still giving up too many rebounds and turning the ball over too much, however our assist totals show we are sharing the ball and getting contributions from everyone on the team.

The more connected we are as a team the more success we will see on the court.

Player of the game

Eunice Bakulikira – Lots of great candidates to take the award this week, however Eunice took another big step forward. She anchored our defense with 17 rebounds, 8 blocks, 7 steals and countless altered shots. She also passed the ball well with 8 assists.

This is Eunice’s first season of WABL and her growth has been amazing. She is a fierce competitor and its great to see her confidence grow every week. Well done superstar!

U12 Girls Orange – Lizzie Falconbridge

(Sponsored by: Clever Fox Marketing)

Loss against Perry Lakes Hawks (10 – 30)

Coaches notes

Despite missing three players, the team faced a tough Perry Lakes squad. The girls gave it their all, playing to the best of their abilities. We’ll take the lessons from this game and come back stronger next week.

Player of the game

Our Queen of the Court this week is Eilish Dilley, who showed exceptional strength and determination in a very physical game, consistently playing her best and working hard every week.

U12 Girls White – Jemma Gartrell

Loss against Joondalup Wolves (7 – 51)

Coaches notes

We held Joondalup to less points than last time we played (round 1), was really good to see how much the girls have improved. We only had seven players so all of the girls got a really good run in.

Player of the game

Tahlia Knox-Cooke

U12 Boys Black – Brad Dowd (Sponsored by: Fern Landscapes)

Loss against Joondalup Wolves (55 – 62)

Coaches notes

Winning 9 game in a row is a MASSIVE achievement for any team, so hats off to the boys for going undefeated until now. It was a very close game, and could have gone our way a couple of times, but it didn’t. I am very proud of the team for never giving up, as we were on the back foot the whole game, but they kept fighting until the end. There was some great basketball from everyone on the team, but special mention to Frank, Hunter and Alex for their extra effort.

Player of the game

Player of the round goes to Henry, for his hustle throughout the game and his work on and off the ball. Henry played the entire 1st quarter without a break and was a big part of why we stayed in the game.

U12 Boys Orange – Lizzie Falconbridge (Sponsored by: Alliance Engineering Consultants Pty Ltd)

Won against Rockingham Flames (61 – 39)

Coaches notes

This week we returned to our usual standard of tough defense and teamwork. We started the game 13-0 and extended it out to 22-2 in the second quarter. We controlled the paint against some much bigger opponents and our guards owned the backcourt. This was a good team effort on both ends of the court with contributions from everyone.

Player of the game

Spencer Massam and Ashton Smith shared the award this week. Spencer was at his pestering best on defense and running hard all game from end to end for baskets. Ashton dominated in the paint on both ends, putting pressure on the defense and constantly out-positioning his bigger opponents for rebounds on both ends. Zarene Samson played some solid minutes in the 4th quarter to ensure we finished the game strong. Well done boys.

U12 Boys White – Ben Marks (Sponsored by: Joel Dixon)

Loss against Perry Lakes Hawks (48 – 85)

Coaches notes

There were plenty of good things to take away from this week, particularly our first half. It was an even contest with the lead changing hands several times as we matched the intensity of our opponents on both ends of the floor. We contained the ball well and finished the ball better than we have the past 2 weeks. A three-point deficit was all we had to overcome starting the second half. Unfortunately, our overall intensity and drive to get the ball dropped off, and our opponents seized this opportunity, forcing turnovers and we allowed too many second chance opportunities from offensive rebounds. The boys battled hard, putting their bodies on the line and giving their all to get back into the contest but could not sustain this effort consistently enough to make a dent in the lead.

Zane was back to his usual self after recovering from illness and a week away to pace the scoring with 15 points. As with last week, it was an even spread of scorers and contributors on both ends. Austin showed some flashes of his potential on the defensive end and Ollie had some strong drives to the bucket for scores. We will focus this week on how we can manage the third quarter fade-outs that have been happening each week. Overall, the coaches are continually pleased with the boy’s efforts and style of game each week. They are committed at trainings and are taking in the strategies on game day which is positive as we move forward into the holiday break.

Player of the game

Zane was our most consistent threat in the game from an offensive standpoint and really pushed himself to try and get us back into the game. It was once again very even in the team contributions this week; however, Zane was a standout.

U12 Boys Blue – Declan Kinsella

Loss against Hills Raiders (38 – 57)

Coaches notes

The first half of the game was the best game of basketball I have seen from the boys this season so far!

They continued to work together as a team in offence and defense, communicating effectively on defense and calling out plays on offense without needing any prompts from me.

At half time we were down less than 10 points and the game was so achievable! Ultimately the boys fought admirably till the very end of the game. They did marvelously this week, as they improved commendably from our last matchup against this Hills team.

The end score doesn’t at all show their determination, teamwork, dedication and commitment each and every boy has for the sport!

The boys continue to amaze me each week and I’m so grateful to be able to watch them develop as the season continues!

– Coach Charlize

Player of the game

The MVP of the game is awarded to Aj for his extremely strong offence and commendable leadership the entire game!

The runner up MVP of the game is awarded to Hugh for playing magnificently in his second game back of his return from injury!

U14 Girls Black – Bruno Kongawoin

(Sponsored by: SupaFit Seat Covers Pty Ltd)

Won against Lakeside Lightning (60 – 41)

Coaches notes

Despite ongoing interruptions in our preparation since the season’s start, we managed to secure another win.

The game featured some memorable highlights, including Finlay Edwards making her first 3-pointer of the season and Leah Darroch rediscovering her touch from beyond the arc, hitting three long-range shots.

Our collective defense up the court remains our strength, but we still struggle with the half court “D” giving up straight drives to the basket, which puts extra pressure on our help line.

Offensively, we showed significant improvement in maintaining ball possession and reducing turnovers, although we did concede 16 points to the Lightning in the second half mostly inbounding the ball.

Poppy Hickson, who I’d like to call “a player’s coach,” exceeded expectations by grabbing 11 rebounds after I challenged her to go out there to get 9, while also contributing 6 points and disrupting the Lightning offense with her mobility and presence.

It was great to see Leah Darroch return to her early-season form with 13 points, supporting Abigail Allan’s 13 points and Benwech Kuach’s 14.

Amber Brickwood put in another strong performance, supported by Neve Spry, who returned from a two-week precautionary layoff, Finlay Edwards, who is gaining confidence, and Chelsea Parker, who provided solid help defense as she slowly regains her form.

Next week, we face the East Perth Eagles. Although we won our last meeting, we struggled with early foul trouble and missed Leah. We need to be ready to play and hope for an ailment-free week to consolidate our strategies going into the game.

Player of the game

This week’s Player of the Game voting was difficult, resulting in a tie between Poppy Hickson and Benwech Kuach. Poppy continues to prove her value and instrumental role in our success with sustained effort and weekly improvement. Benwech consistently demonstrates leadership, influence, and initiative at both ends of the court. Awesome job Poppy and Bennie. Congratulations. Stay on course…

U14 Girls Orange – Lawrence West (Sponsored by: Genesis Craft)

Won against Joondalup Wolves (49 – 35)

Coaches notes

Heading to Joondalup the game plan to was block out the noise and focus on what we can control. After a couple of shaky minutes we soon settled into a rhythm. It certainly didn’t feel like we ever had a comfortable lead but over the course of the game we were able to grind it out.

Last week I criticised our careless passing and lack of structure, and this week the girls responded by recording a season low in turnovers and some of the best off ball movement I have seen from this group.

On offense we were patient to find the right shots and on defense we forced the Wolves to settle for low percentage shots. As a group our basketball IQ is improving and this week our decision making was fantastic. We put in work this week on our passing and it was nice to see some great passing on display.

Our shooting percentage was up from both inside and outside the arc, we were loud on defense and a season high in rebounding showed that everyone was getting after it. As much as I hate to tell them how good they are this week there is no denying it, they’re amazing!

Player of the game

I’m not going to do honourable mentions this week as it would be everybody! A massive team effort and a lot of performances worthy of player of the game.

Yasmin Rammal – Yas controlled the game this week. Not only did she top score with 15 points, she also managed 16 assists, 9 rebounds, 2 steals and 1 block. When the Wolves decided they needed to shut her down Yas was able to find her team mates with some excellent passing.

U14 Girls White (Rick Anderson)

Loss against South West Slammers (17 – 37)

U14 Girls Blue – Shannon Trew

(Sponsored by: Newtrend IT Specialists Pty Ltd)

Won against East Perth Eagles (43 – 36)

Coaches notes

A great start today by the girls, they jumped East Perth early to take a 12-2 lead at quarter time through fast transition and great defense. Eliza had 8 first quarter points, which was amazing for her confidence.

The next 2 quarters was a tight battle between both teams where no one could get a clear advantage, which frustrated both teams. The game became scrappy and there was lots of rushed shots and silly mistakes.

The last quarter was much better for the girls and their offence and defense settled down and they were able to take control of the game.

Eliza ended up with 14 points, Abby and Sarah added 6 points each. Indigo worked hard all day and should have been awarded with more points.

Player of the game

Player of the game again went to Imogen “STIGMA” Chambers for the 2nd week in a row. Imogen has finally found her MOJO in offence and defense which was contagious to her teammates through her Energy, Effort, Attitude. Imogen finished with 9 points but it was her defense which was more valuable today.
Great work Imogen, can you get the hat trick next week or will others follow your leadership and raise to the occasion?

U14 Boys Black – Adrian Mok (Sponsored by: SWISH Plan Management)

Loss against Rockingham Flames (48 – 67)

U14 Boys Orange – Patrick Massam (Sponsored by: Pacific Automation Pty Ltd)

Won against Perth Redbacks (76 – 60)

Coaches notes

After bouncing back from a tough game the week before, our team used that experience to work hard in training and secure a win against the top team. I want to commend the boys for maintaining the lead throughout the entire game. In the past, we have struggled to keep our lead, especially during the third quarter, but not this week.

This week, we came out strong and finished even stronger.

Great job, team! Let’s keep up the momentum.

Player of the game

Player of the game was Ram Chrysler Gloria, who was outstanding in pulling down rebounds and protecting the basket. Ram intercepted several passes and was instrumental in securing our victory.

U14 Boys White – Joel Warner

Won against Rockingham Flames (96 – 55)

Coaches notes

Well done to the Suns White Team for another strong performance. We’ve strung a few good practices together in a row and we are seeing better continuity on the court, with our largest improvements coming from transition defense and offensive execution in the half court. It can be difficult to coach offensive transition and effective half-court offence at the same time, as running Teams tend to want to run – even when offensive transition options are not available. This has been a small issue for us to correct and is largely the reason for high turnover rates in some of our games. Coach James and I have worked as best as we can to address this and its great to report that the total turnover count has returned to a more acceptable level over the last two weeks.

On Sunday we put together our best half of basketball against Rockingham Red. Our second quarter was outstanding, largely being led by some of our unassuming defenders. We closed out the second quarter with an unlikely group, who were very well connected defensively and who shared the ball in offence. Our scoring spread remains a great strength of this Team and its again, pleasing to see the ball shared so well. On the defensive end, Credit to Reuben and Callum for taking their defensive assignments personally and ensuring we limited Rockingham’s best offensive players. We had great contributions across the whole Team and on the occasions that some of our players didn’t have their best offensive days, they were still able to find the spirit we are looking for and locked-in with all they had defensively. These are great qualities to foster in our boys. Asten, Billy and Phoenix were beasts on Sunday and we had great poise from Sam and Chad. Matthew always finds another gear when we need him, and he was exceptional in transition this week. Ethan was crafty with the ball and Kade gave us the perfect balance of strength and finesse. It’s a Team game after all and when we are unified, we are a dangerous outfit.

Player of the game

A literally impossible task this week, but the award is shared for the first time this season as I can’t separate Kade and Callum. Both boys had outstanding games. Callum showed his potential on both ends of the floor on Sunday, having been set a difficult defensive assignment, which he managed well. At the same time, he left the game with 3 assists, 6 rebounds and 3 steals, all while shooting 5 from 9. When the ball is shared so much, that is a very efficient output! Callum made great decisions with the ball and is always a diligent worker, prepared to run and scramble when we are caught napping defensively. I’ve already seen a lot of improvement in Callum, and he is a very coachable young man. He is adding new strings to his bow every week and is open to constructive feedback. Well played Callum.

Kade on the other hand is the ‘yang’ to Callum’s ‘yin’… Kade is the Swiss-army knife on this Team and gives us a little bit of everything. On Sunday he pulled down 13 rebounds and scored 14 points! Kade is a creative offensive player and is deceptively crafty under the basket. He has very good footwork and can create shots when others probably can’t. Kade regularly offers the Team double digit offensive games, but Coach James and I challenge him to think his way through the game, to minimise the ball sticking and to maximise his physical advantages. Kade regularly has good weeks, but he wins the award this week because he stayed in our offensive systems for the duration of the game, he moved the ball well and he opened opportunities for his Team-mates from the high post. Kade has been building for several weeks and is a deserved winner alongside Callum. Well done to both boys.

U14 Boys Blue – Yi Gan (Sponsored by: Excess Power Equipment)

Won against Hills Raiders (48 – 32)

Coaches notes

Travelling to Mundaring is always a pleasant trip, with its tranquil and serene drive. As a coach, you might tell yourself, “Today, I’m going to take it easy and just relax.” But how long does that mindset last? Probably about five minutes.

To be honest, it was a pretty solid game from all boys. We changed our starting line up again to see if we can find the right combination to avoid what seems to be a standard slow start.

What exactly constitutes a slow start? Is it falling into a big deficit after four minutes? Or failing to pull away after five? On the other hand, is a fast start building a huge lead in the first five minutes? For us, a slow start means falling behind significantly and having to claw our way back. So, we tried a different lineup and managed to keep the game close throughout the first quarter, which is a positive. However, I still believe we could have established a larger lead

After sitting for a few minutes and cooling off, the tranquility of the hills faded, and it was time for a wake-up speech to get everyone refocused.

It worked! The start of the second quarter was electric, led by Jesse P, who delivered one of the best individual performances of the season on both ends of the court. Playing like a championship contender, Jesse set the tone for the rest of the team. Special mention goes to Christian, who played an outstanding off-ball game.

Our Thursday training session focused on netball-style passing, with no dribbling allowed, and it paid off. The boys showed they could move without the ball, and Christian excelled, demonstrating great movement, scoring, and hustling for rebounds as if he were the tallest player on the floor.

Despite it being one of our worst shooting games, with nothing falling from close range or the perimeter, we managed to score mostly from 10-12 footers. It’s better to have a game like this now and still come away with a win than to struggle in the finals.

Isaac Tan battled hard with a sore heel, never complaining and grinding out the game. His mental toughness has noticeably improved, which will be invaluable as the season heads into its crucial phase.

Player of the game

Jesse Paulson – It’s been building up. Jesse has incredible potential with his length and speed, but sometimes he forgets just how dominant he can be if he gets his mind right for the game. I’ve watched him in domestic leagues and WABL, and there are flashes where you think, “Yes, he has it,” but those moments need to turn into consistent performance. In the first quarter, I gave him a tough talk, and in the second quarter, he transformed. His demeanor changed, seeking contact, physicality, and dominance. He was all over the court – grabbing rebounds, making interceptions, initiating fast breaks, and blocking shots. It was fantastic to witness him sustain such a high level of play for an entire quarter. Although his energy dipped due to fatigue, he maintained a medium to high performance for the rest of the game, a significant improvement from his usual performance. Mark and I were incredibly proud. We asked him how he felt, and he was ready to stay on as long as he could. Now, his challenge is to bring that intensity every game and turn those flashes of brilliance into consistent excellence.

Well done Jesse!

U16 Girls Black – Shannon Trew

Won against Perry Lakes Hawks (69 – 67)

Coaches notes

The girls travelled to Perry Lakes for their top of the table game which was moved to a later timeslot which didn’t help. Perry Lakes came out firing early and put a lot of pressure on our defense which was a little flat. Being 8 points down at quarter time was something we haven’t experienced this season but the girls were up for the challenge.

The coaches asked the girls what were they going to do to change the situation, and they all yelled out, “to play better defense”. And better defense they did! They kept Perry Lakes to 23 points for the next 2 quarters while scoring 40 themselves.

The 4th quarter was always going to be tough as we knew Perry Lakes were going to come out strong. We lost 2 of our stronger players to foul trouble and lack of focus, which put pressure on us to keep up the strong defense. In the end the girls kept their composure and moved the ball around and held on for a 2 point win, which gave us a 2 game buffer atop of the ladder.

Charlie, Isla and Pene combined for 42 points between them.
Asha, George, and Jazmin kept up the strong defense and tried their best to keep the skilled bigs out of the paint.

Player of the game

Kaia has been outstanding all season but today she went to another level and looked to get her confidence back at both ends of the court. She played positive basketball and rallied around her teammates to make them better and was always there to help them when needed. Kaia scored 19 points, had 7 rebounds and caused Perry Lakes to have many force errors.
Great work Kaia, let’s keep building and training hard!

U16 Girls Orange – Andrew Herbert

Won against Mandurah Magic (63 – 54)

Coaches notes

The ladies impressed this week as this was the biggest turnaround from a team we have now played twice. The ladies were able to find momentum in the second which carried on throughout the second half.
They all showed great discipline at both ends of the floor and were able to hold off the undefeated Magic with an impressive win.
Holly Marsh 20pts – Carmen Woods 15pts – Olivia Geary 13pts – Malia Williams 8pts

Player of the game

This week’s POTR goes to a lady who showed sparks and took on the game when required. It’s always great to see her hungry rebounding or diving on a loose ball.
It was great to see her have an impact down the stretch. Congratulations Malia Williams!

U16 Girls White – Daniel Heyman

Loss against Perry Lakes Hawks (47 – 64)

Coaches notes

Against the top team, we came out hard and outscored them in the first quarter. Our offense was outstanding, with players moving the ball to find great options and open shots. As the game wore on, we struggled to keep the lead, ultimately rolling the dice in the fourth in an attempt to catch up. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the win.

It was our best half of basketball yet, setting the bar for how we can play when we work together. This game stands as an example of how we can compete with anyone in the competition.

Player of the game

Anika Heyman: Anika opened the team’s scoring with a 3! throughout the game, she exemplified our values of team-play, effort on defense and selfless basketball, dishing out assists to players in great scoring position. Outstanding game, Anika!

U16 Boys Black – Declan Kinsella

(Sponsored by: Angus Flexible Pipelines Australia Pty Ltd)

Won against Rockingham Flames (91 – 76)

Coaches notes

Our win in this game provides a 58-point turnaround from our previous outing against the Flames. This week we came in and played a full 40 minutes of hard intense basketball, scoring 50+ points in transition, and keeping an offensively talented Rockingham team to 76. Everything seemed to click for us this weekend. Our greatest improvement came from shooting the ball from the perimeter, knocking down 10 triples as a team, a testament to what we’ve been doing at practice and the work the boys have put in collectively over the season.

Player of the game

Josh Mahama is this weeks player of the round. Josh’s on court output has been more understated this year, being great with the 1%ers, and in my estimation has been the best defender in our division. This week marked a return to big scoring for Josh, finishing the game with 28 points, adding on 4 triples, while keeping our divisions second top scorer to just 9 points. Josh’s performance this week has been a testament to the hard work he has put in this year.

U16 Boys Orange – Hayden Bird

Won against Hills Raiders (74 – 50)

Coaches notes

For Sundays game it was great to see the boys being resilient through the first half against the other team. They went out there working together to identify what the other team was planning and rotating around on defense to keep the pressure on the opposition.

Player of the game

Jasper Stingle has earned this nomination for his exceptional teamwork. Throughout the entire game, you can hear Jasper communicating with his teammates on both defense and offense, constantly guiding and supporting them.
On the court, he helps his teammates by either setting them up for shots on offense or helping to bring the ball up the court. Great job, Jasper!

U16 Boys White – Thor Amundsen

Won against Warwick Senators (74 – 68)

Coaches notes

A good outcome with the win, showing us some greater insights into combinations and dynamics on the court. Week by week we are seeking a consistent balance with our lineups and games like this one allows us to learn more about the playing group as they grow in experience together.
Last time we played this team, we went to OT and won, having produced 3/4 good quarters. This week we were good for 4/4, still with work to do. We now move up to 2nd and look to finish on a high before the break.

Player of the game

Ollie James was our player of the round. Each week we aim to build new components of the players’ application to the game. This week Ollie demonstrated a strong and focused mindset and fought from start to finish.

U16 Boys Blue – Derek Quayle

Loss against Mandurah Magic (69 – 73)

Coaches notes

A similar trend in todays game in that I could not fault our effort. That’s 3 weeks in a row where the effort is at a level where I want it to be. Unfortunately the trend of not making the most of our good work is making it difficult for us.

The 1st quarter was exactly that. We played with great effort and our defensive pressure was excellent, but we were unable to convert and that left us 11 points down at the break. A growing trend is that a very high percentage of our misses end up in a transition score for our opposition. If we can convert our chances then we will stop the transition score.

The start of the second quarter was excellent, we brought it back to a 1 point game and forced Mandurah to call a timeout. Unfortunately after the timeout we gave the 10 points straight back.

The 3rd quarter was probably our worst from an effort perspective, however we started to make the most of some of our opportunities. Despite this, we still found ourselves trailing by 18 points. The 4th quarter is how we should be playing basketball. Our defensive pressure was so intense that it was getting us plenty of opportunities. To fight back from 18 points down to coming close to winning was excellent.

Sandrae led the way with 24 points which included 3 x 3 pointers, Lucas battled hard all day and finished with 10, while Ronron played a really good game with some great defensive pressure and chipped in with 9 points.

Player of the game

Sandrae is the player of the game this week and not just because of his 24 points. His defensive pressure was outstanding which led to quite a number of steals as well.

U18 Girls Black – Rick Batista

Won against Lakeside Lightning (66 – 53)

Coaches notes

The team came back with a much better attitude this week, we talked and fought through adversity. Lakeside were on fire from the field and couldn’t miss, it was a really good challenge for us. We got out to an early lead and Lakeside clawed it back to briefly take a lead in the second. We were able to put on enough defensive pressure that we slowly turned the tide our way in the 2nd half. Lily was fantastic in setting the tone offensively with Amber. Casey debuted really well and Sienna was wonderful setting the defensive tone that was required. Ana was back to her best and it was very nice to have Kira back who was so good on both ends.

Player of the game

This week player of the game goes to Bella. Bella doesn’t get the most court time but never complains. She gives us 110% every time she steps onto the court. This week her defensive effort and gut running was exceptional. Repeatedly engaging in challenging matchups that others shy away from. She also had one of the tussles of the year for a loose ball which looked more like a judo contest. But what was really good to see this week was her confidence on the offensive end, taking well timed 3s with no hesitation and having the confidence to attack a few lanes. Well done Bella, it’s great to see the improvements and hard work paying off.

U18 Girls Orange – Charlie Smart (Sponsored by: Parker Crofts & Co)

Loss against East Perth Eagles (49 – 62)

U18 Boys Black – Cooper Lowe (Sponsored by: Silverstone)

Won against Rockingham Flames (85 – 73)

Coaches notes

A great team effort from the boys this week. A much needed win was had. All 8 players contributed and the energy was fantastic.
Defense has been a focus of late and it was pleasing to hold Rockingham to 73 points.
The boys were really inspired to perform well with a visit and support from our injured superstar Lasi Edgar. Lasi was a great presence and the boost that the squad needed on the bench.

Notable contributions from:
Jhye Stoker – played through a nasty leg injury and was a huge contributor in the win.
Zavier Pickersgill – 5 x 3’s. Has been working hard on his catch and shoot form and it paid dividends on Sunday.

Player of the game

Marley Sam.
Our skipper lead from the front. He controlled the offence and was influential in defense, holding the oppositions best player to 5 points. Marley also dropped 18 points for us.

U18 Boys Orange – Brad Dowd (Sponsored by: GJ Demo Pty Ltd)

Won against Perry Lakes Hawks (85 – 76)

Coaches notes

We had a great first quarter leading by 13 at the break and continued our form into the 2nd to be up by 10 at half time. With the lead, I decided to experiment a bit with the team in the 3rd. With a different looking team on the court, we did struggle a bit to begin with and the Hawks clawed their way back into the game to be only down by 1 point. But we stuck with it, tightened our defense and steadied the ship to enter the final term up by 3. In the 4th we took over the game again and won by 9 points.

Everyone played their role well this game and did what was asked of them. Kye stepped up on the rebound count this game, finishing with 7 and the team dished out some really nice assists again. Jack was given a specific job in the 3rd to shut down the Hawks player who just scored 14 points in that quarter, which he did extremely well. He didn’t score a field goal whilst Jack locked him down.

Player of the game

Player of the round goes to Zakk, in is 150th game he managed 10 points, 5 steals, 5 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 block.

U18 Boys White – Rae D’Sylva

Won against Lakeside Lightning (90 – 79)

Coaches notes

This week we had contributions from the whole team on defense and offence. Our on ball pressure was better again this week and our ball movement was good for the majority of the game, which helped control the pace of the game.

Player of the game

Blake Dodsley. Blake has become a great asset to the team with his relentless pressure on defense and his playmaking on offence, to help get his teammates involved.

U18 Boys Blue – Bailey Ferguson (Sponsored by: Amy Jacobson Pty Ltd)

Won against Willetton Tigers (87 -81)

Coaches notes

This matchup posed our toughest challenge yet, as our previous meeting earlier this season, saw us go down by 43 points.

We began the game strongly but struggled to capitalise on our opportunities.

We asserted control in the middle stages but faltered against a late Tigers’ comeback, exposing an area we need to address—preventing teams from re-entering the contest. However, it’s a remarkable achievement to reverse the outcome from our previous encounter.

Notable mentions:

Jurahan – top scorer for the team with 20 points. Some foul trouble kept him away from having a standout game, but he is on the right track. Well done!

Sam – after coming in as a DP for our team to now starting, is an incredible achievement and proof of this young man’s hard work and dedication to getting better. Well done!

Amy (Team Manager) – for bringing the Banana Lollies and Allen’s Snakes this week!!

Player of the game

Blake Allan – 18 points and just as many rebounds, this guy was a presence on the court and defensively was there time and time again! Well done Blake!

U20 Boys Black – Lochy Brown

Loss against Perry lakes Hawks (87 – 102)

U21 Girls Black – Lizel Buckley

Won against Perth Redbacks (99 – 52)

Coaches notes

The team was unstoppable this round. They are finally playing the Basketball brand I knew they could play. Overall everyone hit the score board which was very impressive.

Player of the game

Look this was thought as everyone played together.

I have 3 nominations:

Tessa Marsh- She showcased exceptional skills in rebounding, creating and passing. Additionally, she had one of her best games scoring 22 points.

Skye Thomas- This was one of her better performances, excelling in rebounding, facilitating fast breaks, and scoring an impressive 29 points.

Jorja Maccarone- She has come a long way from the beginning of the season, enhancing her overall game and demonstrating a strong work ethic for the benefit of her teammates.