WABL Wrap Week 7 – 04/06/23

Round 7

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Players of the round:

Jorja Maccarone (U18 Girls) – The player of the round this week is Jorja Maccarone. Jorja had immediate impact coming off the bench and did a fantastic job challenging for offensive rebounds and taking it to the Wolves zone, drawing contact and getting to the line. Jorga gave the team a real lift when they needed it and made clutch free throws down the stretch. Jorja is always ready to compete when the coaches need her and has a great attitude. Well deserved Jorja!!

Zac Cranswick (U12 Boys) – Zac Cranswick was our player of the round this week. Zac was one our strongest players on the court this week, he lifted the team when we needed it and did a brilliant job of bringing the ball up and down the court. Well done Zac.

U12 Girls Black (Lawrence West)

Loss against Joondalup Wolves (24 – 56)

Coaches notes

Despite the score line we played a great game against a quality opponent. A slow start saw the Wolves jump out to a ~ 10-point lead, however we managed to steady ourselves and hold pace with them for most of the game. In the 3rd quarter we came within 6 points, however early in the 4th we lost focus and they were able to capitalise by pushing the lead out and we unfortunately couldn’t recover.

We played this same team at grading and they beat us convincingly, having size on us at every position and multiple scoring threats. We however are not the same team we were at grading and it was a great indicator to me that we are developing well as a team.

Player of the game

Stephanie Evans – Every week Steph brings an explosion of energy & hustle to our team. She dives on loose balls, rebounds over girls twice her size and reads passing lanes so well for sneaky steals. This week she was challenged to focus on her footwork and she absolutely smashed it. Joining our team late Steph fit in seamlessly and we have come to rely on her spark during games to keep our intensity high. The future is bright for this young superstar – well done mate!

U12 Girls Orange (Lizzie Falconbridge)

Won against Mandurah Magic (40 – 8)

Coaches notes

Our whole team played fantastic and with great sportsmanship, not only cheering their own team on but the Mandurah Magic girls. Our defence and sharing the ball was great to see on the court, all the training sessions are now showing on the court.

Player of the game

Amina Belabbes – Always putting 100% effort in and developing very well, comes to training and game with a great attitude no matter how much court time she gets. From a coaching prespective, its always pleasing to see all her hard work paying off. One thing I would like her to work on is having more self belief and confidents in yourself!!

U12 Girls White (Bruno Kongawoin)

Bye Round

U12 Boys Black (Lizzie Falconbridge)

Loss against Warwick Senators (36 – 60)

Coaches notes

Not the result we’d aimed for this week. A couple of key players down and also had another 2 boys come off the court with injury early in the game. Despite being dealt a rough hand, the team rallied and played hard. They really stepped it up, didn’t give up and should be proud of themselves. They are improving in their skills and teamwork each week and this shows on the court. The score this week really didn’t reflect how well the boys played. The transition down the court is letting us down a little and will be a focus in the coming weeks at training.

Runner up coaches award today went to Sam Agok. Sam is one of our development players who stepped in to join the boys on court this week and did a brilliant job with some spectacular blocks and rebounds.

Player of the game

Zac Cranswick was our player of the round this week. Zac was one our strongest players on the court this week, he lifted the team when we needed it and did a brilliant job of bringing the ball up and down the court. Well done Zac.

U12 Boys Orange (Tim Hart)

Loss against Warwick Senators (31 – 42)

Coaches notes

We were able to match it with Senators Green for the first three quarters of the game. We were 23 to 16 midway through the 3rd qtr, but couldn’t hold onto the lead, going into the 4th we were 1 point down. The 4th qtr was dominated by fast breaks and accurate shooting by the Senators. Despite the final score, it was very pleasing to see the effort on defence by team Orange, the boys kept the current top-of-the-ladder team to 42 points (a so far season-low score for Senators Green).

We rebounded better this week compared with the prior, picking up 41 to the opponents 38. This is the second game this season where we had a higher rebound count than the opposition.

Player of the game

Alex, for increased defensive effort, helping us move the ball up the court quickly in O trans, and chasing down the fast break in D trans (5 rebounds, 5 steals (his season high), 2 assists, and 5 points). While the whole team impressed us today, Zane and Fletcher made big contibutions, Zane pulled down 7 rebounds and helped control the ball, Fletcher shot 60% today (6 points from 5 shots) picked up 3 rebounds and lifted his defensive game (3 steals) – well done!

U12 Boys White (Patrick Massam)

Won against Mandurah Magic (66 – 38)

Coaches notes

This was another game which we were competing in the same fighting weight as the opposition, and our best opportunity for the Suns to show their skills. And it was great for the boys to come out with the win.

Again Suns show up late to the party and bring our best in the second half of the game, where we stepped up our playmaking in both offence and defence to bring home a strong win. Next week we will try and trick the boys and play two second halves and no first halves!

It was great to see the confidence and the energy in the boys as the game progressed and by the 4th quarter we could have powered Optus Stadium on the run home.

Some great sportsmanship on display with young Drew, having broken the ankles of a Magic player stopping to assist them back to their feet.

Young Spencer Massam picked up our player of the game as he continues to mercilessly throw his body into the pack and come up with some great shots picking up 18 points.

This was our first game where every player scored some points, which was awesome to see.

Patrick, Ben and myself were on the edge everytime that whistle blew and my blood pressure has only just fallen back to safe levels.

Tough game next week against Rockingham, but the boys I think will come into the game with fast defensive feet and confidence from their first win of the season.

Player of the game

Spencer Massam great shooting.

U12 Boys Blue (Dave Yan)

Won against East Perth Eagles (48 – 41)

Coaches notes

Tremendous start for the boys, we had a solid first qrt putting up 21 points which gave us a comfortable lead and stability throughout the game. Our defense for the second half allowed us to get a close but comfortable win. There were moments where East Perth made a run cutting it back to 5 points but the boys leaned on each other and played smart basketball down the stretch.

Player of the game

Rylan Macpherson was this weeks player of the game. His controlled emotion the entire game leading that first qrt dominating with aggressive drives and scoring was what the team needed. It was his intensity on defense that defines who he is as a player. There would have been 7-8 times where he stole the ball simply by ripping it out of oppositions hands. and forced at least 3-4 jump balls. Even tho he had 5 fouls these were all well calculated fouls and he walked off with his head held up and a calm collected attitude. I’m so proud of his progress, and he is starting to show good leadership.

U14 Girls Black (Andrew Herbert)

Won against Warwick Senators (42 – 39)

Coaches notes

It was great to have all 8 ladies back on the floor this Sunday, with everyone contributing in different ways.
Despite early foul trouble we were able to stay in the game heading into the final quarter only down 6.
A solid effort in the 4th quarter doing what we do, turning defence in to offence with a solid 20-11 in the 4th.

Player of the game

This weeks our POTR goes to Carmen Woods – After having a couple of weeks off due to injury Carmen got back to were she left off. Pushing the tempo in offence and picking up some important steals down the stretch plus finished well at the basket. Congratulations Carmen!

U14 Girls Orange (Adam Brickwood)

Loss against Perth Redbacks (30 – 57)

Coaches notes

Thank you to Eloise for coming down to assist our team on the weekend.
We were much better from the free throw line this weekend and our first quarter effort was a highlight.
Unfortunately our lack of run and willingness to compete for four quarters really let us down. hopefully we will be better for the experience next weekend.

Player of the game

Benwech Kuach was able to create offense for us with her multiple steals and push the basketball for us has given her our player of the round.

U14 Girls White(Daniel Heyman)

Won against Perry Lakes Hawks (50 – 42)

Coaches notes

From the beginning till the end of the game, our girls played a disciplined and high energy game that stifled a quality opposition. Forcing 24 steals, we generated our offense from our defence. Our transition game was spearheaded by Lillian Tarai, who was masterful with her on-ball D (9 points, 6 assists & 6 steals) and attacking in the open court. Tarvia Girma showed great growth in her control and decision making, not turning the ball over once. Gabbi McCullaugh helped providing support at both ends (5 steals, 2 blocks & 6 points) and converting off turnovers. Vattalanie D’Sylva attacked the interior defence, putting pressure on the opposition by drawing fouls and by getting to the line. Ella Michalczuk was her usual strong presence inside (9 points & 9 rebounds). We also welcomed Tamzin who joined us for the first time as a development player. Tamzin managed to go 1 for 2 from behind the arc.

This game capped 3 strong rounds where we’ve won 2 games and lost to 1 in against a high calibre team. The girls have shown maturity and composure in their game-play by valuing possession and by playing in the half-court offence with greater control of pace.

Player of the game

Malia Williams. Malia was outstanding, pulling down a whopping 15 rebounds! She also tallied 6 points, 4 steals and 1 block whilst shooting an efficient 50% from the field. Malia’s domination of the boards is just what our team has needed.

U14 Girls Blue (Tamara Reeves)

Won against Perth Redbacks (49 – 39)

Coaches notes

The team played really well together to push the ball up the court and create open shots for each other. Intercepting and stealing the ball on defence was the reason the Redbacks struggled to get the ball up the court and score. The team also executed and scored multiple times off of our plays which is great to see. We had previously versed this team before and lost by 5 points so to come out and beat them by 10 this week was really impressive and displays the improvements that are happening. Well done!

Player of the game

Abigail Allan- Abigail vastly lead the team in offensive and defensive rebounding. She safely dribbled the ball up the court and made quick and good transition passes to advantage. She played much more confidently in this game, defending the ball, fighting for intercepts and rebounds, while running into space and getting open for the ball.

U14 Boys Black (Shannon Trew)

Won against Mandurah Magic (51 – 41)

Coaches notes

It was great to get a win against a very energetic Mandurah team who never stopped testing us. The 1st qtr was a hard grind but by the end of 2nd qtr we had a 10 point lead which proved to be the difference.

The team keep getting the wins but not in the way we would want it. It’s all there ready to go but we need to put it altogether at the same time. When we play our game at our tempo we look amazing but when we rush or try do things we haven’t practised it gets messy.

We look forward to next week’s challenge and will be looking at working hard to achieve our goals..

Player of the game

Luqman Rais was again our energy lifter with 8 very important points, but it was the way he went about it attacking windows and drawing defence which opened up his team mates. The energy started and continued in his defence and Rebounding which made a huge difference to the teams vibe. Keep bringing the Energy and Effort!!

U14 Boys Orange (Adrian Mok)

Loss against Perth Redbacks (35 – 65)

Coaches notes

The boys kept their heads and played fantastic on both ends of the court in first half, only down by 1 at the half. Unfortunately, couple of our leaders started worrying about what was not getting called and forgot to keep playing through – something we will work on during the season.

Player of the game

Billy Cooper – After having a run in with me during last weeks game, it was very pleasing to see him come back with a fire in his belly and it showed on court. Dominating inside grabbing rebounds and finding his team mates for the right shot – Keep up the great work and the results will come!!

U14 Boys White (Joel Warner)

Won against Mandurah Magic (80 – 20)

Coaches notes

This week we played Mandurah White who, to their credit gave us their best effort. Mandurah were a little unorthodox which caused us to play in a way that wasn’t up to the standard we have set for the last two weeks. Despite that, it was only for less than a half. Our second half was considerably better than our first, and we got into our sets far quicker and in a more organised way. The unit that began the third quarter set a good standard, with Sam, Reuben and Ethan spacing well and not settling for sloppy ‘run-and-gun’ basketball. I was particularly impressed with Ethan, Sam and Reuben as they zipped the ball efficiently inside and out, as well as around the perimeter. Mandurah White have had had a lean start to the season on the scoreboard, so it was important to Coach James and I that we got some organised offence out of the game and were able to repeat what we have been practicing. We did end up getting some good learning out of the game, despite a slow start.

This was the first week that we didn’t get caught with unbalanced match-ups, and we were confident at each position. Credit to the boys for still adhering to the game-plan, sticking to the systems and sharing the ball. Defence needs to remain a large part of our DNA and I was pleased that we held our opposition to a low score, and were organised for three of the four quarters. A few honourable mentions this week to boys that made an impact, sometimes those efforts can go un-noticed… Kade, for great defensive reads and translating his basketball instincts into the game, Tala for working hard defensively, Sam for boxing out and structuring correctly when we break down in offence, Elisha for his infectious positivity and leadership, Phoenix for his natural competitiveness and setting high standards, demanding his team-mates follow and Ethan for his commitment to continuous improvement. Peter and Asten remain good rebounding and transitioning big-men who score well every week and Chad for setting our offences quicker each week, a very important part of the game, one which is difficult to learn. This week I was really happy for the Team as they experienced a very strong win, something that a few of the boys haven’t had at WABL level before. Another highlight was that court time was shared evenly, something that can’t always happen. It was great to leave the stadium with the feeling that every Suns White player played their role and team comradery continues to build. Well done boys.

Player of the game

Player of the round goes to Reuben Johnston. On Tuesday Reuben pushed all of his Team-mates at practice, and a few of the concepts we have been working on are now clicking for him. He’s finding himself in more dangerous positions on the court and is playing more naturally, without the need to force his scoring opportunities. There are certain players that really compliment Reuben and allow for him to find his shots. As the season rolls on, Coach James and I will work to exploit the right combinations against the stronger Teams, so that Reuben continues to be a dangerous scoring option. Reuben is one player who is demonstrating our Team values and is a quiet, yet impactful role model for the Team. Every Team needs a Reuben on their roster; yes, he’s a crafty little scorer, but he’s a far bigger package than that. He’s a hard worker, an honest Team-mate and is a tough little fella, one who’s never scared to compete. Reuben’s 15 points should be noted this week, but his zero turnovers are more impressive. Well done Reuben, thoroughly deserved.

U14 Boys Blue (Hayden Bird)

Won against Mandurah Magic (78 – 37)

Coaches notes

From start to finish against Mandurah Magic we played our game.
Setting the pace and tempo the boys did not take their foot off the pedal, pressing man on man the whole game and still being able to push the ball in transition on offence.
Team play was very present against Mandurah with a-lot of accurate passing to each other. No selfish shots where taken and the boys where constantly looking for the best shot even if that meant they weren’t taking it.
Communication was present after the second half which really helped the boys on defence to find the right man and stick with them.
Defensive pressure was really high, consistent and fundamentally sound keeping hands up and beating the player back.

Player of the game

Tadiwa Rukodzi: Tadi puts his heart and soul into each game, constantly playing consistent through the whole game. This week Tadi put up 23pts putting himself in the leading spot for scoring in the league. Adding on to his scoring performance he was passing the ball getting his teammates involved and being a vocal leader on the floor. Defensively Tadi is a pest on the ball and whomever he is guarding, forcing the ball handlers to turnover the ball, and getting most steals by intercepting passes. truly an exciting player to watch, Great job Tadi!

U16 Girls Black (Charlie Smart)

Loss against East Perth Eagles (56 – 73)

U16 Girls Orange (Shannon Trew)

Won against Joondalup Wolves (75 – 50)

Coaches notes

We knew this game was going to be tough and we knew Joondalup were going to come out and hit us hard BUT it was them who got hit with our high pressure defence.

The ball stayed in our half of the court for the first 3 mins which setup a nice lead and all Joondalups pressure was no where to be seen. Every player on the court was in sync and we shrunk the court in defence and spread the court in offence.

The huge encouraging signs were all the 2nd and 3rd efforts, the offence rebounds, grabbing any loose balls and picking up any players that hit the ground.

The game ended with us getting lots of minutes into every player which can only be a good thing for the team. Team first mentality is always front of mind for the girls which makes the coaches very proud!!

Player of the game

Shelby Lewis was outstanding this week at both ends of the court. She has been working so hard at building her game up and we are finally seeing the FULL version of Shelby’s abilities which has lifted all her team mates up.. Keep up the super Effort!

U16 Boys Black (Brad Dowd)

Loss against Rockingham Flames (68 – 71)

Coaches notes

Another fantastic performance by the boys. But unfortunately it just wasn’t enough to get us over the line again. We played the 2nd top team and were trailing for most the game. We battled hard to sneak in front in the 4th but a few crucial shots didn’t drop in the final minute. We’re so close to getting it right, hang in there boys.

Player of the game

Jack Dowd wins player of the game. His hard work at training is starting to pay off in games and you could really notice a change in this one. Jack had a season high 17 points and picked up a couple of rebounds, assists, steals and blocks as well. Really looking forward to seeing Jack continuing to evolve his game.

U16 Boys Orange (Rob Rees)

Won against Rockingham Flames (120 – 77)

Coaches notes

Great defensive effort once again from the boys

Player of the game

Tobie Freeth hitting 5 3 pointers an 1 2 pointers from 7 attempts and also contributing defensively

U16 Boys White (Jordon Macpherson)

Won against Perry Lakes Hawks (83 – 81)

Coaches notes

This was a tough game against a good side.
As the competition increases so does our level of endeavour.

With our opposition nipping at our tails the majority of the game, the boys had to work hard in defence to get stops and control the game.
Although this wasn’t one of our best games, our will and determination ultimately got us across the line.
Well done guys!

A special shout this week goes to my bench players who remain positive and keep the energy and support flowing. It is a very difficult task to come off the bench with limited minutes however when asked my guys bring the energy and execute to the level the team requires. Thank you for being true unselfish team players.

Player of the game

This weeks player of the week award goes to Milan Dimitrijevic. Milan consistently fills our stat sheet week in and week out. This week Milan top scored for our team with 29pts and pulled down 24 rebounds against some of the largest opposition we have faced. What impressed me the most this week was Milan’s attention to the details, the one percenters that make the difference! Well done Milan.

U16 Boys Blue (Luke Poyner)

Loss against Perth Redbacks (47 – 95)

Coaches notes

Despite a disappointing result the boys kept positive on the court and continued to employ things we have been working on at training. We had some great moments of basketball and showed significant improvement on our transition play.

The boys rallied in the third quarter and put on a great display of basketball showing our potential to keep up with the top teams in the competition with some great offensive teamwork and fantastic hustle on defence. It was good to see moments where the boys put all their hard work at training into their game.

With continued work on our team play at training and a refocus on our gameday efforts the boys will continue to improve and finish stronger for the end of the season.

Player of the game

Jensen Poyner worked hard inside all game and boxed out well against some strong opponents. He continued to show improvement offensively with some great positioning to pull down offensive rebounds and recieve some quick passes/assists inside. Jensen showed that working hard inside can get good results with a 67% shooting rate on the floor and top scoring for the team with 13 points. Alex D’Ascenzo also put in a solid effort worth mentioning with some great hustle on both ends of the court with some big rebounds, blocks and steals as well as scoring 8 points for the game.

U18 Girls Black (Travis Linaker)

Won against Mandurah Magic (66 -64)

Coaches notes

It was genuinely great to get our first win under our belts and also see us manage to put more than 60 points on the board!

The girls stuck with the process for the majority of the game and it was really apparent to all watching that when we follow the plan we can be genuinely competitive.

Well done girls and lets see if we can make this the new normal.

Player of the game

There was a lot of positive from many of the girls this week but for me Mahalia Rukuata gets the nod as she played with next level intensity and although she fouled out it is quite possible she broke a league record for steals whilst putting up a solid 10 points.

U18 Girls Orange (Ric Batista)

Won against Joondalup Wolves (53 – 48)

Coaches notes

This week the team took on the Wolves and were determined to secure their second win for the season. The girls struggled to find their rhythm offensively but managed to trade baskets for most of the game and headed into the final quarter trailing by 4 points. The coaches placed a strong emphasis on bringing more energy in the three quarter time address and the players responded on court with a 21 point final quarter securing a hard fought 5 point win. The even spread of scoring contributions across the squad was pleasing and Amber worked tirelessly to drag in 17 rebounds.

Player of the game

The player of the round this week is Jorja Maccarone. Jorja had immediate impact coming off the bench and did a fantastic job challenging for offensive rebounds and taking it to the Wolves zone, drawing contact and getting to the line. Jorga gave the team a real lift when they needed it and made clutch free throws down the stretch. Jorja is always ready to compete when the coaches need her and has a great attitude. Well deserved Jorja!!

U18 Boys Black (Lachie Riley / Angus Hywood)

Loss against Lakeside Lightning (74 – 106)

Player of the game

Jarrad Miller: Jarad was able to keep his composure and remain calm and comfortable as Lakeside targeted him defensively. He played most of the game in foul trouble yet continued to protect our basket including some big blocks and secure multiple defensive rebounds. The value Jarad brings to the team is undeniable. He also achieved a season high of 14 points.

U18 Boys Orange (Brad Coutts)

Loss against Perry Lakes Hawks (74 – 82)

Coaches notes

Positives were running a better offence and being down by 22 to only lose the game by 8 points.

Player of the game

Zein Elsadiy, a lot better decision making this week. Still can get better however was a step forward.

U18 Boys White (Rae D’Sylva)

Loss against Perth Redbacks (70 – 95)

Coaches notes

This week we had moments where we played good basketball unfortunately we couldn’t sustain that for the whole game.

Player of the game

Hudson Hall had his best game back from injury this week and showed incredible skills on court.

U18 Boys Blue (Tyron Neill)

Won against Southwest Slammers (86 – 73)

Coaches notes

The boys played well together we were to hold off each time Slammers pressed and made a run at us. A good contribution of scorers with 6 players scoring double figures.

Player of the game

Blake Allen – With one of our main big men out with an ankle injury we brought in our DP to fill the spot and just that he did. Blake was instrumental in the win scoring 13 points, pulling down as many boards, huge blocks and putting on great defensive pressure leading to steals and turnovers. Great all round game m8!

U20 Boys Black (Lochy Brown)

Won against Warwick Senators (92 – 87)

Coaches notes

Another week and another game where all players that hit the floor impacted the game on both ends. We controlled the game from start to finish against a great team and are heading in the right direction.

Player of the game

Max Bucknell – another round where it was hard to choose just one player as all players had moments of impact. However when the game counted Max got multiple offensive rebounds and defensive stops that secured the game for us in the final minutes.

U20 Boys Orange (Cooper Lowe)

Loss against Warwick Senators (49 – 91)