WABL Wrap Week 15 – 7/8/22

Round 15  All of our “Player of the Game” superstars will receive a FREE PIZZA from our friends at Domino’s Kalamunda – Thanks Guys! 

Players of the round:

Amber Brickwood (U12 Girls) – Every team we play comes with a game plan for Amber, and she frequently receives extra attention from the defense. This week she showed her versatility by adjusting her game to what the defense gave her. She not only anchored our team on the defensive end but facilitated for her team mates as well. 14 rebounds, 11 assists, 6 steals, 2 blocks and 100% from the free throw line. An absolute superstar performance – Well done Amber!

Levi Hawksworth (U18 Boys) – This could have gone to a lot of players this weekend game, special mentions to Hudson Lowe, who set the tempo with the ball in hand and getting people involved, and Riley Pabst who set the tone for our defence causing turnovers leading to scores, but this kid keeps continuing to improve and was someone who impacted the game in so many ways. Lead with 21 in scoring, and helped us get momentum with stops down the other end and playing with a lot of energy, was Levi Hawksworth.



Won against Mandurah Magic (47 – 16) 


Being three players down and coming off a tough loss last week we knew we needed to lock in and focus on playing our game. After getting off to a slow start we found some rhythm in the 2nd quarter and started to execute our offense efficiently. After the half time break we were away, and playing with the focus that is required to compete with the best in our division. Back to the gym to continue our preparation for finals! 


Amber Brickwood – Every team we play comes with a gameplan for Amber, and she frequently receives extra attention from the defense. This week she showed versatility by adjusting her game to what the defense gave her. She not only anchored our team on the defensive end but facilitated for her team mates as well. 14 rebounds, 11 assists, 6 steals, 2 blocks and 100% from the free throw line. An absolute superstar performance – Well done Amber! 


Won against Warwick Senators (62 – 43) 


Despite having two of our defensive leaders out due to illness/injury, the rest of the team stepped up to fill their roles. Great team effort throughout the whole game on both ends with some great cutting and passing inside which we have been working on every week. We are still working on putting a full game together, as there were numerous times where a couple of our players looked lost defensively which lead to easy buckets for the Senators. Regardless of the margin we are holding, some of our boys need to play to the end of the game and not the score line. 


Alijah Acabado – After putting in weeks and weeks of hard work in it was really pleasing to see it come out during this game, not only on the offensive end but playing hard nose defence. Even though he is the smallest kid in the team, he has one of the biggest hearts and is always putting 110% every time he steps on the court. 


Dave Brar – Leading the team offensively and using his skills and length to find his teammates. Stepped up big time this week considering he was without a couple of his normal ball handlers to help him, still working on the defensive end but is improving as his basketball IQ develops. Another kid who could drop 30 points a game but always puts the team first, he’s not worried about his own stat line – the only result he’s interested in is the end score line. 

Shane Quartermaine – Another week and another impressive showing on both ends of the court at times during the game. Next thing we need to work on is his aggression on defence and consistent effort through out the whole game, with his natural length and athleticism he has the potential to turn into a defensive beast. Great to see him be more confident on the fast breaks and take it inside where he can use his height and strength. 

Hunter Griffiths (DP) – He has shown massive improvement since moving over from the east coast and is at every training session made available. From a coaching perspective, we were really happy to him suit up for his first WABL game. Even though he received only limited minutes, his effort and hard work on the court did not go unnoticed. 


Loss against Cockburn Cougars (35 – 40) 


This week we were again close enough, without getting across the line. Our offensive structures were very effective, our defence was good enough to hold a team with similar talent to us – to us to a low score, our issue this week was finishing at the hoop. I had a contact take some statistics for us and in the fourth quarter alone, we missed eight lay-ups or uncontested shots from under the hoop. That pattern occurred across all quarters, particularly the second quarter when we didn’t meet our scoring targets. Our loss was that simple, we couldn’t finish even though our offence put us in the correct positions to shoot high percentage shots. This game doesn’t need a great deal of analysis because we missed too many easy shots and our opposition scored more efficiently. Our shot volume was considerably higher than our opposition, meaning we shot more shots, in better positions – we just missed them. Overall take away is that you can play well, and still lose. That’s part of sport and developing as young sportsmen. 


This week’s player of the round goes to Ethan. We were short this week with Phoenix missing the game, and Ethan filled that gap well. Ethan always gives maximum effort, and this week was no exception. Ethan wears his heart on his sleeve and at times carries his team-mates. I love those qualities! I know he would literally drag his team-mates to victory if he could. This week, his contribution was outstanding both offensively and defensively. Ethan collected rebounds and blocked shots, he ran in transition, and he scored when we needed him. Well done Ethan. 


It was great to have Zac back, who played impactful minutes. Zac is a reliable play maker and he made good in-game reads offensively. Reed was our rostered player to miss this week and he was asked to play at the last minute, and I’m glad he did. Reed brough high energy from the bench and he held his position defensively well too. Sam held our defensive structure together well, playing his help-the-helper role and causing turnovers. Sam covered several floor spots, holding Cockburn’s transition when team-mates were out of position. Jeremy made his return to the starting five, having a strong defensive game, along with Rylan, who brings high energy on defence and a strong physical presence. We will continue to improve and train specifically in those areas we need to get better in. 


Won against Mandurah Magic (68 – 35) 


An advantage of playing in division 5 this season has been to be able to see the progression of a small number (5) of opposition teams over the season. Mandurah Gold have improved over the season, recently losing to East Perth by only 2 points in their last match up. We came away from our last game against Mandurah Gold thinking it could be a different outcome next game. We did not want the boys to take this game lightly. 


This time we were able to work through their press to get more opportunities in transition, and pick up our defense since. I believe both teams have improved, and we can both be a threat in the finals. 


Full-court defensive intensity provided us with 31 steals this game (vs 15). On the boards we pulled down 51 vs. 43. We were able to take 86 2-pt shots, and convert 33 of them, for 38%. Mandurah took 73 shots and made 15 (20%). We practice close-outs and walling-up at training, which may be reducing the shooting percentage of our opponents (opposition scoring percentages last three games have been: 36%, 29%, and 20%). We will test this theory against Mandurah Black when we play this Sunday. 


Callum made the biggest impact on our game this week. Callum is consistently improving, with strong on-ball pressure, allowing him to get top steals this week (9). Callum and Declan had equal top (11) rebounds. Callum walled up well in the keyway, effectively denying easy buckets. Callum also provided 24 points, shooting 50%. 


We were down 3 rostered players this week, Austin (one of our development players) stepped up and contributed (2 assists, 1 reb, 1 steal). Austin is growing in his awareness of watching the location of his player and the ball, he was often well-placed defensively on the court. Austin relieved pressure bringing the ball up vs. Mandurah’s press with quick give-and-go maneuvers. 

Christian perfectly timed and finished a transition bucket beautifully this week, which was met with considerable cheering from the bench and supporters. 

Dante played in short bursts (between a few knocks) this week, he applied strong defensive pressure and showed patience in offense for space to open up in the keyway (4 reb, 3 steals, 6 points @ 50%). 

We saw another big effort from Declan (10 pts @ 33%, 4 assists, 11 rebs, and 6 steals) 

Preston was accurate and mindful of player locations (13 points @ 46%, 7 reb, 2 assists, 4 steals) 

Mathew pressured the ball well, allowing for the team to pick off passes (11 pts @ 26%, 8 rebs, 2 assists, 6 steals). 

Ram had trouble with this shooting this week, but he delivered for us on the boards, and walled up effectively in the keyway to reduce opposition shooting percentage (7 rebounds, 2 pts @ 14%, 2 steals). 


Won against Warwick Senators (50 – 34) 


Despite a bit of a slow start all round, our ladies got it going in the 2nd & 3rd to hold onto a comfy lead heading into the final change and carried it over the line. 

A great all round effort from the squad this week. I was really impressed the amount of effort made jumping on loose or 50/50 balls. 

It was nice to see back to back weeks of all players putting points on the board. 

Asha was on the attack this week with 11 points, Jessica Prior put up a strong 7 plus Isla contributed with a solid 6 including a memorable fast break where she found another gear to leave the Senator guards in her dust. 


POTR this week goes to Harper Ashbolt for her all round tenacity. Stepping up in the guard rotation, Harper kept us playing high tempo at all times. With a nice contribution of 6 points, Harper pushed herself and the ball in the open floor. Harper was always chasing down loose balls & rebounds. Great effort Harper! 


Won against Rockingham Flames (27 – 25) 


Defensive Pressure and Rebouding 


Anika – She came on the court with confidence and executed her role. She lead the Rebound count and was strong under the basket. She also played awesome defence which lead us to get some steals. Awesome work Anika 


Won against Perth Redbacks (79 – 38) 


Everyone had court time, everyone contributed and everyone scored, it was very good team effort. 


Isaiah Poinen did a great job defensively and offensively after a poke in the eye Isaiah came back determined to play well and did so. 


A great team effort 


Won against Warwick Senators (50 – 48) 


After getting ourselves in trouble, the group showed some great resilience and persistence to recover from a 15 point halftime deficit to walk away with a 2 point victory. This game had everything and certainly kept the referees busy, but in the end, our simple pressure and control approach wore them down and demonstrated our ability to compete. 


Odin Amundsen played a big role in our comeback, scoring 29 points (including 3 triples) and engaging in some key defensive plays with 5 rebounds, 4 steals and 2 blocks.. 


Roman Dowd was also in the mix this week, notching up some nice perimeter work, scoring 3 from outside to contribute to his 14 points and 5 assists. 


Loss against Willeton Tigers (37 – 58) 


The boys came out eager for a win and showed great hustle in the first half with only 2 points in it at half time. The second half saw us struggle to convert our scoring opportunities into points, but the boys kept their focus and continued applying good back court pressure in defense. 


Alfie Peacock – Played a big game inside today against a tough opponent. Alfie showed great positioning and strength inside, and controlled much of the rebounding for the game. Offensively Alfie showed some awesome post moves for some easy baskets. 


Devlin Colyer-Long stepped up today and showed some great defensive hustle on the court. He also showed some good offensive rebounding with some quick put-backs for a solid 6 points in the game. 


Won against Mandurah Magic (113 – 20) 


It was a huge defensive effort today by the boys which flowed on into the offence. All the boys put their hands up to work hard on their defence and shut Mandurah down early. 

The boys gave themselves a target before the game to keep Mandurah to 23 points or lower for the game. At qtr time Mandurah had scored 10 points and the boys fired up and said let’s lift and get our target and they smashed the target to only let them score 10 more points for the next 3 qtrs. 


Everyone worked hard on their energy, effort and stayed positive from the start to the finish. We had 12 interceptions plus 11 steals which was all turned into scores for us. 


Top of the table game next week to secure a top 2 finish going into the finals and the boys are pumped for it. 


Oliver James- Ollie put in another massive effort in defence and offence to finish with 38 points, 10 rebounds, 5 interceptions and 6 assists. Ollie gives the team 100% every week and his teammates feed off his energy and he responds by giving and giving. Ollie’s never give up attitude makes us a better team when he isn’t scoring! Everyone is proud of his hard work. 


Jack and Jack finished with 35 points between them plus 8 steals to lead from the front. 

Tanzeke and Sandrae finished with 12 points each which came from hard work and dedication to their team mates. 


Won against Mandurah Magic (62 – 53) 


Won against Mandurah Magic (60 – 46) 


Great all round team effort once again with everyone securing points on the board. The girls led from the start and didn’t look back, displaying sheer dominance under the defensive basket once again. Their ongoing camaraderie on court continues to build, always looking out for each other assisting in both offensive support and defensive pressure 


Alex – Alex was outstanding with her commitment under the basket, not only top scoring but assisting her team mates get good shots up. Her shot selection is improving every week, seeing her percentage of conversions sky rocket. 


Have to mention Lila and her determination to play one of her best games of the season. Lila never gave up and brought a tremendous energy to the game the entire time she was on court. Lila was as confident bringing the ball up the court as she was securing important rebounds or pressuring the ball carrier and forcing multiple turnovers 


Won against Cockburn Cougars (69 – 42) 


Maxwell Bucknell – Max had a massive impact on the game securing rebounds and putting up 19 points including 4 monster dunks. Great job Max 


Loss against Perth Redbacks (70 – 91) 


With our leading scorer who averages 17.2ppg absent, it was going to be a tough game. But it was a great opportunity for players to step up and they did exactly that. With 3 players in double figures (Jarron 15, Jack 13 & Deacon 12) and everyone else getting on the board for at least 4, we had an impressive scoring spread. 


We had a slow start, making a few too many turn overs and Redbacks got a convincing lead, up by 23 points at half time. The boys rallied together in the 3rd to outscore the Redbacks 21 to 12 and we were only down by 14 going into the 4th. Unfortunately Redbacks experience saw them pull away for the win. 


Jarron Atterton worked hard the entire game leading in both points and rebounds 


We lost by 36 points the first time we met the Redbacks, so we have again improved losing by 21 points without our leading scorer. So this team is progressing nicely as planned and WABL ’23 will be very exciting. 


Won against Cockburn Cougars (74 – 72) 


Our defence is getting better every week and we are moving in the right direction. Ball movement and boys moving of the ball also was good and mainly our turnovers were at the lowest for the season. 


Rajzhan D’sylva . Rajzhan made smart decisions facilitating the ball to his teammates and was really strong on defence which had a good effect with the boys teamwork 


Aiden Rosario who was our development player recently added made a game saving block and was a rebounding machine for his second game 


Loss against Mandurah Magic (54 – 56) 


Was a hard loss to take going down by 2 points to the bottom team and as easy as it is to blame the refs that’s not my style. After reflecting the loss on the long trip home it was clear we had plenty of opportunities to run away with the game but failed to take them each time they presented. The positive I take out of the loss is we simply need to be better to be competitive if we’re to be at the top level in our division. 


Little things like dribbling with our head down and missing multiple fast break opportunities because we want to add to our personal stat’s instead of our team, passing into defensive lane’s, poor mid range shooting or lack there of, not playing our role on the court, not contesting 3’s, poor free throw and 3 point percentage and occasional laziness resulting in easy opposition points just to name a few which at games end cost us. 

At WABL level in any division I can’t express enough that the basic fundamentals and one percenters mean everything if you want to win the big games. Once we correct these issues we’ll well and truly be back on track but if we fail to do so we won’t progress, I for one have full belief my boy’s will get it right heading into finals. 


Isaiah Gray was a stand out all day and never gave up scoring 22 points which could’ve easily scored 30 if utilised in open space on fast breaks. Great work once again kid, love watching your work ethic in offense and defense. 


Won against Mandurah Magic (94 – 81) 


Good win by the girls, started off shaky being close at halftime, but the third quarter we picked up our defence and got out to a comfortable lead. Our defence ignites our offence we have to keep this rolling heading into finals. 


Tamara Reeves. Tamara has had a rough year this year with injury and Covid. Playing for the past couple weeks consecutively she was able to find some rhythm. Tamara defence was unmatched. Her offensive ability attacking the hoop and creating for herself and teammates was awesome to see. Fire up T. 


Won against Mandurah Magic (115 – 91) 


Having everyone who stepped on the floor contributing to winning, was so pleasing to see. Being able to sub guys in and out and not lose anything, made my job very easy and enjoyable. Also having two 16s juniors in Max Bucknell and Blake Thomas backing up and playing in a higher division, seeing them hold their own and impact the game, is awesome to see the juniors we have up and coming in this club. 


This could have gone to a lot of players this weekend game, special mentions to Hudson Lowe, who set the tempo with the ball in hand and getting people involved, and Riley Pabst who set the tone for our defence causing turnovers leading to scores, but this kid keeps continuing to improve and was someone who impacted the game in so many ways. Lead with 21 in scoring, and helped us get momentum with stops down the other end and playing with a lot of energy, was Levi Hawksworth. 


He left without saying a thing, Happy birthday Levi! 


Loss against Perth Redbacks (35 – 104) 


Heath Rose – Heath is always giving his heart & soul on court! His competitive spirit & determination rises to the top every time Heath takes the court. His ability to make the right decisions whether it be Scoring, Passing, Rebounding & Defending. Thank you Heath for giving your all every game for your team. 


Loss against Joondalup Wolves (48 – 78) 


Defense was on point all game, a lot of our buckets/points came from forces turnovers and steals by the boys. 2nd quarter we held the lead in and outscored the wolves showing that we wanted to stay in it. 


Michael Corsini, He is at every game and every training without fail, no matter the score the thoughts of his teammates or the other team Michael keeps himself in the game and keeps the tempo high, he has come a long way from the beginning of this year. 


Treylen Tembo, kept the tempo for us going by knocking down points and couple threes as well for the team. 


Won against Perry Lakes Hawks (98 – 76) 


After being down by 13 in the first quarter, it all seemed doom and gloom, but I’m so pleased the boys found their trademark defensive pressure and worked their way back into the game, their defence after quarter time was immaculate and resulted in many more possessions than previous weeks. 


Michael Luce was phenomenal on both sides of the ball, his defensive pressure on the ball carrier all game and then add to that 29 points. Michael is an absolute star who is very coachable and never complains about anything just get on with his tasks. 


Kalvyn was a very close second this week for player of the game and could have his arguments to take the crown with his rebounding and defensive stops to add to his 27 point performance. My guards Sax, Lem and Jet always undersized but never out of the fight with their massive hearts deserve all the plaudits. All 9 players this week worked well when they had their moments. 


Won against East Perth Eagles (102 – 88) 


This week saw us playing one of the teams that will be vying for the title in a few weeks. 


This was a game that we REALLY wanted to win but East Perth can never be underestimated and although undermanned, and only 6 players, they made us work right to the end. 


With the best start all season at the 1st break we were 13 points up, but East Perth has some serious talent that was not going to lie down and this, compounded by Kiarn Linaker suffering a knee injury early in the 2nd quarter that had him sitting out most of the game, saw us outscored in the 2nd and the Eagles closing the gap to 9 points at the half. 


As we began the 2nd half it was clear that this was not going to be easy with East Perth turning up the heat at both ends and making us work to hold a 10-point lead going into the last break. We pushed hard to stay in front in the last and ran out eventual winners with one of the strangest ends to a game where one of the Eagles players retired injured and 3 others fouling out late in the game left the Eagles with just two on court for the final couple of minutes. 


This was only East Perth’s second loss for the season and seeing Jason Moore, Kiarn Linaker & Haydn Williams combining for 64 points (36 of them from beyond the arc) whilst being supported by their team mates knocking down solid shots to complete the scoreboard was brilliant to watch. It was additionally pleasing seeing everyone contribute to defense, and in bench energy, to hold The Eagles to 88 points – special mention to Alex Jenkins who had one of the toughest assignments of the year and did it well! 


Overall things are starting to peak at the right time, but we will need to bring this and more to get to our final goal in the next 6 weeks. 


After being pipped at the post a few times recently, this weeks Player of the Game goes to Jason Moore for solid effort both ends and his best level of communication on court to date.