Junior players looking for a team to play with should contact one of the clubs listed on our Club Contacts page. These clubs may be able to help you find a team and get you involved. They are also a great way to get started in our domestic competitions.

Another way for junior and senior players to find a team to play with, whether it be as a fill in player or a permanent team member, is to join our KDBA Basketball Fill Ins & Prospective Players Facebook group.

This page is used as a way to connect teams looking for players and players looking for teams to play in KDBA competitions.Β Players may be looking to either fill in, join a team permanently or find enough players to start their own team. For teams looking for a fill in player also post to the group when they need someone to fill in.


Teams wanting to play in one (or more) of our domestic competitions can register themselves during one of our team nomination periods.Β Team nomination periods are opened in November (for Season 1) and June (for Season 2).

For more information on how to register a team, what competitions are on offer and other information should visit our Team Registration page.


Valid as of 2022 Season – PlayHQ

To participate in our domestic competitions, players need to be registered to KDBA and have a Basketball WA Individual Player Affiliation licence. This player licence allows players to play at any Basketball WA affiliated association and also includes coverage in Basketball Australia’s National Insurance Program.

This player licence costs $35 for a one year licence.


How to register to your team:

Team owners/contacts or your club contact will be able to provide you with a specific team registration link. This link will allow you to log into your PlayHQ account (or create one) and register directly to that specific team.

If you require a Basketball WA Licence you will be able to pay it during this process, if you already have active licence you will not be required to.

This licence fee is imposed and managed by BWA and KDBA does not receive any proceeds from this player licence fee, nor are we able to provide refunds, make adjustments or other such things to do with this fee. Please contact Basketball WA if you have any queries relating specifically to this player affiliation fee.